Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole Recipe

cheesy tater tot casserole

Tater Tot Casserole is not a meal that I plan on having. It is a meal that we have because I have everything on hand and didn’t plan anything for dinner!

However, Tater Tot Casserole is a family favorite, thanks to this quote:

Randy: Napoleon, give me some of your tots.
Napoleon: No, go find your own.
Randy: Come on. Give me some of your tots.
Napoleon: No. I’m freakin’ starved. I didn’t get to eat anything today.
[Randy kicks Napoleon’s pants pocket, ruining the tater tots]
Napoleon: Ugh.. gross. Freakin’ idiot!

Name that movie….

tater tot casserole 2

It also affords me the ability to clean out the fridge a little… I have added pepperoni, all different kinds of cheese and even sliced up hot dogs once (don’t tell anyone!)

Many times tater tot casseroles call for cream of mushroom. I refuse to use cream of mushroom and so I use 2 cans of cream of chicken.

tater tot mix

I also saute my onions with the hamburger and add smoked papkria. Try it sometime you will be surprised, in a good way!

Tater tot mix 9x13

Grab some kids to help, mix it all up. Pour into a 9×13 and top with Tater Tots! Easy Peasy!

tater tot casserole

Serve with some fruit and a side salad and you have dinner!

Crab Salad Roll Recipe

Crab Roll Slider


This is basically a Crab Salad that you are going to put on a roll. Call it a crab roll, crab slider, call it whatever you want, but make sure that you make some!! Don’t be scared either, this is super easy and they are so amazing!

I got my crab legs by accident at Kroger in the clearance section. They had some crab legs marked down, my husband loves crab so I picked them up really cheap. When I got home I searched for some recipes and decided on crab salad, which then ended up between 2 pieces of bread! Now, I look every time I am in the store for crab marked down!

Crab Rolls & Sliders Ingredients


The ingredients are very basic and most likely you will have everything on hand.

Fill a large pan with 1 to 2 inches of water. Bring to boil. Add crab legs. Boil for approximately 5 minutes. Remove crab legs from water. Set aside and let cool.

Use hands to break lobster apart at joints. If you can pull crabmeat from shell without breaking further, go ahead. Otherwise, take knife and make one continuous cut down each shell. Pry shell open with fingers and remove crabmeat.

Shredded Crab Meat

Cut crabmeat into various sizes. Place crabmeat in medium mixing bowl. Drizzle 1 tbsp. melted butter over crabmeat. Stir. Add diced green onion, diced tomatoes, mayonnaise, freshly squeezed lemon juice, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Stir. Place in refrigerator.

Dice green onion and tomato into small pieces. Slice lemon in half. Set aside.

crab roll process

Lay 8 slices multi-grain bread on aluminum foil sheet. Take a round drinking glass and press down over each slice. This will create slider size top and bottom buns. Drizzle 1 tbsp. melted butter on top of slices. Place in oven for 3 to 4 minutes or until just crispy (rotating sides halfway through). Remove bread from oven.

Scoop crabmeat mixture onto bottom slices of bread. Add top buns. Plate your crab sliders onto serving dishes and enjoy this seaside staple!

Crab Rolls & Sliders In-Process #10


Easy Bunny Biscuits

Bunny biscuits


You just can’t get any easier or cuter for Easter / Spring  then my Bunny Biscuits. In fact, they are so easy I turn them over to the kids most of the time.

When biscuits are on sale, you will want to grab some to make these. You can also use pizza crust but I have the best luck with the biscuits in a can.

This trip I accidentally grabbed the biscuits with the butter already inside. But they turned out as cute as normal, so no worries on that and it means they are just that much easier to make!

bunny biscuits collage


You will want to take each biscuit and roll the biscuit out into a long snake. Cut off the end of the snake to use as the “tail” of the bunny.

Then twist the snake into a figure 8 at the bottom and leave the top open to create his ears. I like to make the ears a little “pointy” and shape them into ears.

Next you want to take the little tail you cut off and saved, and position it on the Bunnies bum. I used a little egg wash to make sure it stayed in place.

bunny biscuits 6


Always make sure you have some help! :)

bunny biscuits 7

I brushed mine with egg wash completely and bake them at the temperature on the biscuit tube. When they are golden brown take them out of the oven and let them cool on a cooling rack.

These wont last long, so make sure to make enough! They are always the first to go they are so cute!


Texas Sheet Cake Recipe – Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

Texas Sheet Cake Recipe -

This is Texas Sheet Cake. I could have taken (or tried to take) a fancy schamancy picture but it is not necessary. If you have had Texas Sheet Cake, you get it.  The frosting is to die for, the cake is soooooo moist…. you MUST make some today!

This is super easy to make. You can add nuts or no nuts. You can also add a little touch of cinnamon to get a little crazy to the batter.

I make mine in a large jelly roll pan that I normally use for cookies. This isn’t a very deep cake. It is rather thin, but perfect for pot lucks, parties and to feed a large crowd

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Coca Cola Ham Recipe

coke cola easter ham recipe

For the past few years I have been making a Coca Cola Ham for Easter. Even if I get a spiral sliced from the store, I have poured a can of Coke over the ham, it just seems to keep it so moist and good! I love the crispy edges and the hint of mustard. Give it a shot it is easy!


How to make Frosting Carrots + Best Carrot Cake Recipe!

Carrot cupcakes are just fun, and good to eat! Every year for Easter I always make a 3 layered carrot cake. Carrot cake is one of the things that I forget that I can make all year long and don’t have to wait for Easter. I love it loaded with raisins, pineapple and coconut, but the kids freak over the raisins so I normally leave them out. BUT with cupcakes, I can add in anything I want to a few of them!

The carrots on the top are so cute and so fast to make I wanted to tell you how really quick.

First, either make your own cream cheese frosting or use canned. If you use canned make sure to add some powdered sugar to thicken it a little.

Frost the cupcakes normally. Now divide the rest of the frosting into 2 bowls and color one orange and one green.

I like the Wilton Icing Colors you can get at Walmart. But you can use any kind. Next  you will need both the #9 round frosting tip and the #116 leaf tip. These can be purchased for really chap, around $1 a tip, and you will need a frosting bag.

Load your frosting bag with the orange frosting using the round tip. At the top of the cupcake, make a zig zag motion back and forth getting smaller and smaller as you go making the carrot shape. At the end pull up with the frosting so you get the point of the carrot. Load another bag with the leaf tip and with the green frosting. This time position the tip at the fat part or top of the carrot, use the most pressure and make the widest part of the leaf, tapering off just like the carrot. The leaf tip is AWESOME and basically does the work for you.

This time I made both mini and regular size cupcakes. The small ones I just added a milk chocolate pastel egg, and the regular size ones I added the carrots. I think they turned out really cute!

The BEST carrot cake recipe is the one from Southern Living.

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Bunny Bread

Easter Bunny Bread

How cute is this Bunny Bread? I mean really? How stink in’ cute did this turn out?!

You NEED to make this for Easter. Because I don’t know how I have not made it and survived the past 38 Easters! :) Before you get scared… It was REALLY easy as well!

Bunny Bread Recipe ingredients

The key to making this easy is the frozen bread loaves. You can get any store brand you like or I use Rhodes brand as well. Don’t forget this in your car on a hot day… not that I have done that :) You will have a big mess on your hands when the bag explodes!

bunny bread dough

Take your dough out of the freezer and let it rise on a cookie sheet covered for about an hour or until it is not completely solid frozen, but not all the way unthawed.

Then you are going to want to cut your shapes and make your bunny. I explained how in the directions below.

bunny bread 3

Once you have your bunny formed, cover him with plastic wrap and let him unthaw a little more. Make sure to do the egg wash on him as that is what makes him all nice and pretty golden brown!


Easter Braided Bread with Colored Easter Eggs Recipe

Easter Bread with eggs baked

If you have not seen a Easter Bread Braided Wreath at Easter with baked in eggs, you will be amazed the first time you see one. They are SOOOOO beautiful! My Sister in Law made this one for us and it as almost too pretty to eat! There are a lot of different recipes you can use, our favorite is at All Recipes.

Dessert Burgers {For April Fools or Parties!}

dessert burgers with vanilla wafers

I used to make these Dessert Burgers when my oldest was little. In fact, we had them on several birthday parties and different events. This year on April Fools day I think we will be making them for the kids alone with my Meatloaf Cupcakes.

dessert burgers for april fools day  shared photo #1

Most likely you will be able to find everything at your Walmart or grocery store. I usually have Nutella on hand and so most of the time I use that.

dessert burgers for april fools day  shared photo #2

Do drops of frosting for the ketchup and mustard so that when you press the “bun” on it looks like you have ketchup and mustard! These are pretty easy to store, I keep them in the fridge to the are “harder” when transporting. These are great for the kids to take to school!




Meatloaf Cupcakes an April Fools Favorite!

April fools - meatloaf cupcakes

April 1st is the greatest “holiday” ever celebrated by twisted parents! My parents have had their fair share of tormenting me as a child and teenager,  so I figure it is time to start with my own children. There is nothing better than coming home from school to yummy cupcakes waiting for you.

Especially when your Mom and Dad tell you that in honor of April Fools Day we will be having dessert first!

They have the COOLEST parents EVER!!! :)

Well… for 3 min. you have the coolest parents in the world! Until you bite in a realize it isn’t chocolate cake and frosting but mashed potatoes and meatloaf!

Oh yea, and the fruit punch is really jello. It only looks like it is drinkable!

Do you have any good April Fools pranks or jokes you have played on your kids??

For the “cupcakes”:

Make your regular meatloaf, bake it in cupcake tins. I drained the grease off when they were done and put them in foil cupcake holders. Then I made mashed potatoes and divided them into 3 bowls. I added food color to make them look like frosting. Then with a frosting bag “decorated” the tops of the meatloaf. I think the “display” part is the key! My kids really thought they were yummy cupcakes!

For the “fruit punch”:

Just get clear plastic cups and make your favorite jello. Put in a straw when liquid and let them set up in the fridge.  Again, until they went to drink them they thought they were real drinks! It was funny!
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