How To Decorate A School Locker For Less

Decorating a school locker

Do you have a tween or teen in school with a locker? Have you wanted to know how to decorate a school locker for less seeing all the crazy ways kids are decorating lockers now days?!

My older girls have decorated lockers for a few years. The first year I about had a heart attack and said, “no way!” and had them figure out how to do it for less!

You can see a news segment my daughter and I did for ABC 13 in Houston last year on saving money on lockers HERE.

Price comparison lockers

For the expensive lockers: 

  • Wallpaper Sheets – Target for $15 for 3 sheets ( it will take 6 sheets to 1/2 way do a locker)
  • Black Zebra Locker White Board – PBTeen $19.50
  • Mini Photo Frames – PBTeen $29
  • Locker Carpet – Walmart $9
  • Locker Shelf – Walmart $5
  • Locker Lamp – PBTeen – $24.50

For the budget locker: 

  • Roll of Wrapping paper – Dollar Tree $1
  • Basket – Dollar Tree $1
  • Locker magnetic baskets – Dollar Tree $1
  • Magnets for the wallpaper – Dollar Tree $1
  • Locker Shelf – Walmart (not shown in picture) $5
  • Locker Mirror – Dollar Tree $1
  • Locker Black Board – Dollar Tree $1
  • Microfiber cloth used as locker carpet – Dollar Tree $1

Paige honestly could not tell the difference between the high end locker and the budget locker. According to Paige, either would have been just as cool at school!

One thing that we did not have time for in the video segment was to laminate the wrapping paper. In the past for the girls I have taken the wrapping to a school supply store and paid a few dollars to laminate it so that it held up better through the school year.

Budget Locker Teen decorating

:: Locker on a budget $17::

We use magnets to attach the wrapping paper to the locker walls. You can use tape but Paige has told me horror stories of trying to get it off at the end of school. Magnets worked well for us last year.

This locker also had a locker shelf in it that you can find at Walmart for $5.

For Paige the most important thing to have in her locker was a mirror, shelf, and the magnetic containers on the wall to hold pens and pencils.

Pottery Barn Teen high end locker

:: High End Locker $107::

The wallpaper sheets in the high end locker came from Target. They are really nice and easy to work with, but we used 2 packages ($15 each) on this locker and you can see we needed even more.

The thing that FREAKED me out the most was $29 for the magnetic frames. ARE YOU CRAZY!?

The other tip from Paige is that she thinks the locker lights and locker chandeliers are cute and had one last year. But it only lasted a few days. See they block the hook at the top of the locker where the kids hang their backpacks and it was a hassle to try and maneuver around the lamp and she took it down (along with all her friends) after a few days.

In conclusion, you are more then welcome to spend $100 on your kids locker for school. But acording to the kids we interviewed, they couldn’t tell a difference between items from Pottery Barn and ones from Dollar Tree!

Plus, as we were doing the segment a teacher walked by and asked about the shoot. I explained to her what we were doing and she told us that at the end of the year they line up trash cans all along the hall for kids to clean out their lockers and place trash in. After school was done and the kids were gone, the teachers would pull out all the HIGH END nice locker decorations that all the kids just THREW AWAY!

They use them in their classrooms and save them for kids next year who can’t afford to decorate at all. I almost cried. But the teacher said NO WAY would she spend more then $20 on a locker as she watches the kids just toss it all when school is out!

Do your kids decorate lockers? What so they ask for? What do you spend?? 

4th of July Candy Craft Snack – Candy Kabobs

If you want to keep your kids (and husband) busy for a while, you can try this cute candy snack that we make for the 4th of July each year to take with us as we watch the fireworks!

All you need are some lollipop sticks or skewers and soft candy. I used mostly gummy candies. I also tried to just use red, white and blue for the 4th of July to make it festive. It would also be cute to do them to match birthday parties with different colors.

I was able to buy ALL the candy at our local convenience store this year. They carry all kinds of bagged prepackaged gummy candy, salt water taffy, and gummy lifesavers. I placed them all in bowls on the table, gave each child/Dad a lollipop stick and let them at it!

This is the one Paul made, actually one of the 10, he really got into it with the girls! We packaged ours in little gift bags with ribbon tied around the top. The sticks and bags we put them in cost $1.75 each at Walmart. You can find these in the craft section at your local store.

On the ones for the girls we have little necklaces for the 4th to go with them, turned out really cute!

Do you have any cute crafts for the 4th?

Handprint Art for Teacher Appreciation or Mother’s Day Gifts

A few years ago at Preschool the teachers made the cutest flower pots for the Moms. They used the kids handprints and decorated the pots, then with paint pen we wrote around the rim.

The green pots were for the monkey class, they made their little hands into monkeys hanging from a vine. The thumb was the neck and body and the fingers were the legs and arms. For the handprints we used regular tole painting paint. Tempra won’t dry on the pot surface.

The red and teal pots were the butterfly classroom, so we made the kids hands into butterflies! I love how they turned out so abstract!

In the pots we planted lilies. Another idea is to plant an herb garden, with a few different kinds of herbs.

This would make a cute craft for your kids to do for Grandma on Mother’s day!

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Make Your Own Scented Wax Cubes {DIY Tutorial}

make your own scented wax cubes, free scentsy

 – Pin {DIY Scented Wax Tutorial}

:: My episode aired! I missed it though :( You can see my segment HERE ::

About a year and a half ago I had the chance to do a DIY tutorial for Disney’s LiveWell station, with host Kat Cosley on how to make your own scented wax cubes. We filmed at my house for a few hours and I taught them how I reuse and make my own scented wax for my Scentsy wax warmers.

They were awesome and Kat is SUPER cool and really nice.

I have a TON and really I have a TON of Scentsy warmers, I am not telling you how many because my husband would flip! :) A Scentsy warmer is a name brand wax warmer that basically melts a piece of scented wax using a light bulb, that makes your whole house smell awesome. You can buy cheaper versions of these from Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart from $5 – $15. They are really cute, and make nice gifts. I like them because I don’t like having an open flame with a lot of kids running around, and I like the way candles make my house smell good.

After the scented wax has melted and the smell is gone after about 12 hours, you are left with disks of hard wax. You can toss them or you can remelt them and add some more fragrance. This is one way to reuse the wax, I have 2 different methods I taught them.

Scentsy sells the scented wax of course, and you can buy off brands at Walmart, Target and even the Dollar Stores. Personally, I think Scentsy smells the best, but it is pretty expensive.

Scentsy also says that by using any other wax in their warmers you void your warranty on your warmer somewhere in the fine print. Just FYI.

When new, the scented wax comes in little plastic trays and you break them apart and pop them out like you would a ice cube tray. When my trays are done I save them to use as mold to pour more melted wax into.

The first tip is to save your wax when it has lost it’s smell and add more scent to it. I melt the wax either in the microwave or on a warming tray (below) in a bowl and pour it into the saved wax trays. You can get a warming tray by the candles at Walmart for $5. Many places sell scented oil and you only need a few drops. After adding the melted wax to the trays place it in the freezer for a while to harden, then use like you would new wax!

  • Melt the wax
  • Add scent
  • Pour in trays
  • Harden in freezer
  • Use again

reuse scentsy wax for tart burners

The second way I make these is with leftover candles I have OR with new candles I am given that I don’t want to have burning in my house. I get a lot of the Yankee candles and don’t want to light them so I make them into scented wax so I can safely use them.

Again I melt down the wax, either in the microwave (be careful of the metal tab on the bottom of the wick) or on a warming tray until the wax is completely melted. Then I pour them into the trays or into ice cube trays.

Put the trays into the freezer and when they are solid you can pull them out and you have scented wax from your candles that you can use in your warmers! This is the method that I use the most. I have found the Yankee candles when melted down and made into scented wax cubes smell better and the smell lasts longer then the Scentsy scents. But overall it is just safer in my home to not have an open flame.

As much as I love the Scentsy scents and buy them often, I love other candle brands as well that don’t make the scented wax. This is a great way to stretch your budget on the extra things in life by making your own. I would rather spend my money on the darling designs of name brand warmers, then on the scented wax.

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Easy Easter Bunny Hand Towel Craft – Under $1

EAster Bunny Hand Towel Craft

I can’t remember where I first saw these but it was years ago. At least 20 because I have been making them that long. I love them because they are cheap and the kids can make them. Non-crafty types, (me included) YOU can make these in under 23 seconds, thats the record!

Easter Bunny Craft

If I had all the supplies I usually give him some googly eyes, a little pompom nose and a little pompom tail. But I didn’t want to pull out the glue gun. I think he is cute as it!

Easter Bunny Craft 2

I stick a plastic egg in the little hole behind his ears, it is a perfect spot to hold something. I am using these as name sign for Easter dinner. I am putting everyones names on the eggs and putting a bunny by every plate.

They are cute and less than $1 each to make. Can you beat the 23 second record??

What traditions do you have for Easter?



Valentines Gift Idea – Soapin’ You’d be my Valentine!

If you are looking for a last minute REALLY cute gift idea, my friend Kris F. made these for her daughter to give out!

Just take a soap container and I know you guys all have some cheap, print off this FREE printable HERE, on some card stock, and viola, you have a darling gift!!

Pom Pom Flowers

Earlier in the week I showed you how to make an XOXO Valentine’s Day Bottle Vase and I displayed some fun Pom Pom Flowers in the photos.  I decided that it would be great to show you how to make these simple Pom Pom Flowers.  They are great for different seasons, easy to make and add a pop of color to any room.

Pom Pom Flowers

Pom Pom Flowers


  • yarn
  • scissors
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • fork (optional)
  • twigs of various sizes

How to Make Pom Pom Flowers


There are a few different ways you can make pom poms.  If you’re using a thin yarn and making smaller poms, a fork works great.  For bigger poms and thicker yarn, I prefer to use my fingers.

Begin by cutting a length of yarn about 6″ long.  Slip this through the tines of the fork or between your fingers, letting it fall along the back of your hand and your palm.  This is what will tie around the yarn to hold the pom together.

Next, wrap the yarn around the fork or your fingers.  The bigger finished pom pom you want, the more fingers you’ll want to use.  For the large red pom pom flowers I wrapped the thick yarn around 3 fingers approximately 40 times.

Carefully slip the yarn off your fingers and tie around the yarn with the cut piece from the first step.  You’ll want to make sure to tie this VERY tight.

Pom Pom Flower Tutorial

When the yarn is tightly tied, carefully slip the scissors through each loop and snip.

Fluff the yarn and trim the ends of the yarn to make a more uniform ball.

Add a small amount of hot glue to the end of your twig and press the yarn pom pom onto the twig.

pom pom flowers tutorial

Make several colors of Pom Pom Flowers to display in a fun vase or mix with other dried or artificial flowers.   There are so many great crafts to make with homemade pom poms!

XOXO Valentine’s Day Bottle Vase

Valentine’s Day is not far off.  Last week I shared a craft for making your own Valentine’s Day Dishtowel.  Today I have a tutorial for this fun XOXO Valentine’s Day Bottle Vase!

XOXO Valentine's Day Bottle Vase

XOXO Valentine’s Day Bottle Vase


  • empty bottle
  • white or ivory yarn
  • red yarn
  • twine
  • twigs
  • hot glue and glue gun

If you have any empty sparkling juice bottles left from New Year’s Eve, this is a perfect craft for one!

XOXO Valentine's Day Bottle Vase


Use a small amount of hot glue to secure the end of the ivory yarn at the top of the bottle.  Carefully wrap the yarn around the bottle, keeping the rows tight together.

You may need to use a little bit of hot glue as you go to keep the yarn from slipping.  As the bottle tapers, the yarn is more likely to slip.

Continue wrapping and gluing the yarn until you’ve covered about 1/3 of the bottle.  Cut the ivory yarn and secure it with glue on what will be the back side of the vase.

Use the hot glue to secure the end of the red yarn and repeat the same process as above to cover the next 1/3 of the bottle with the red yarn.  Cut the yarn and secure on the back side of the vase.

Repeat the above steps to cover the rest of the bottle with ivory yarn.  This time, do not cut and glue the yarn at the bottom of the vase.  Instead, wrap the ivory yarn back up the bottle, adding more thickness to the ivory and a crisscross pattern over the red yarn.  Continue wrapping over the top 1/3 of the bottle.  Cut the yarn and secure it on the back, top of the bottle.

xoxo Valentine's Day Bottle Vase how to

Next cut 6 strands of twine.  Divide into 3 sets of 2 and braid together.  Cut into two lengths.  Use hot glue to shape and secure them into an “O”.

Cut twigs into small pieces.  Bundle the twigs in sets of three and glue them together to form an “X”.  You’ll need to make two of them.  Wrap a short piece of twine around the cross point of the twigs.

To finish your vase, glue the “X’s” and “O’s” to the yarn as shown.

xoxo Valentine's Day Bottle Vase how to

Fill your vase with real flowers, artificial flowers, or like I did with yarn pom pom flowers which are easy to make!

xoxo Valentine's Day Bottle Vase

DIY Valentine’s Day Dishtowel

I like to add a little bit of Valentine’s Day to our home and this DIY Valentine’s Day Dishtowel is the perfect thing to add some love to the kitchen.  It would also make a great early Valentine’s Day gift for someone special tucked in a basket with some scented soaps and candy.

Valentine's Day Dishtowel

DIY Valentine’s Day Dishtowel


  • plain white dishtowel
  • red and pink t-shirts (scraps or shirts that are no longer wearable)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

DIY Valentine's Day Dishtowel


Begin by cutting several small hearts from the t-shirts.  I alternated the pink and red across the bottom of my dishtowel.  The hearts I cut are approximately 1″.  You can make them any size you wish.  Simply fold the t-shirt piece in half and cut the hearts as you would from paper.

Do not worry about the t-shirt fabric fraying or coming apart.  The little bit the hearts do fray will add character but they will not fall apart.

Lay the hearts out across the bottom of the dishtowel the way you plan for them to be attached.

Use a simple “X” stitch in the middle of each heart to attach it to the dishtowel.  Knot on the backside and trim access thread.  I love how the hearts almost flutter with the stitch only in the middle.

Valentine's Day Dishtowel

Continue attaching the hearts until all are in place.

Use your finished dishtowel in the kitchen through Valentine’s Day or make one for the bathroom using a hand towel.

If you’re putting this together in a gift basket, pick up some pretty bottles of scented soap for the kitchen.  Add a bottle of olive oil, some herbs, and a loaf of French bread for a fun kitchen themed Valentine gift.   Toss in a bag of special blend coffe,some candy kisses, or special treats too.  It’s an untraditional Valentine gift basket anyone would love to receive!


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