Dr. Bob’s Beanie Babies!

Dr. Bob Beanie Babies

Guys!!! I am just DYING here!!! This is the BEST story I have heard all day!

An OB, Dr. Bob, KNITS each baby he delivers a beanie hat to wear home! What a beautiful gift. Just the thought and time it takes to do this is awesome. Many OB’s seems more worried about their tee time (as has had happen to me) than delivering a a baby, let alone, knitting them a hat!

See Dr. Bob’s site HERE 

See the story on Dr. Bob HERE.

P.S. I just told my husband I am having another baby and Dr. Bob is delivering, so I can have a beanie baby hat! :)

Meatloaf Cupcakes an April Fools Favorite!

April fools - meatloaf cupcakes

April 1st is the greatest “holiday” ever celebrated by twisted parents! My parents have had their fair share of tormenting me as a child and teenager,  so I figure it is time to start with my own children. There is nothing better than coming home from school to yummy cupcakes waiting for you.

Especially when your Mom and Dad tell you that in honor of April Fools Day we will be having dessert first!

They have the COOLEST parents EVER!!! :)

Well… for 3 min. you have the coolest parents in the world! Until you bite in a realize it isn’t chocolate cake and frosting but mashed potatoes and meatloaf!

Oh yea, and the fruit punch is really jello. It only looks like it is drinkable!

Do you have any good April Fools pranks or jokes you have played on your kids??

For the “cupcakes”:

Make your regular meatloaf, bake it in cupcake tins. I drained the grease off when they were done and put them in foil cupcake holders. Then I made mashed potatoes and divided them into 3 bowls. I added food color to make them look like frosting. Then with a frosting bag “decorated” the tops of the meatloaf. I think the “display” part is the key! My kids really thought they were yummy cupcakes!

For the “fruit punch”:

Just get clear plastic cups and make your favorite jello. Put in a straw when liquid and let them set up in the fridge.  Again, until they went to drink them they thought they were real drinks! It was funny!
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*HOT* DeWafelbakkers Coupon!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.11.28 AM

Ok so there is a SUPER rare coupon that you can print today! It is a DeWafelbakkers coupon for the frozen pancakes that WE LOVE. I found this company a few years ago and they have sent me free product coupons for YEARS for you guys at coupon classes. If you have been to one of my classes, there is about a 100% chance that you got a FREE bag of pancakes from DeWafelbakkers!!

Currently you can print a coupon for $1 off DeWafelbakkers in zip code 90210.

You also might remember that in December, we threw a pancake party for 2 of our daughter’s that was captured by DeWafelbakkers which they have used for promotional purposes.

If you have a free second and are not going to get fired at work for watching funny videos… these are awesome!

Why we had a pancake party!

It’s a Pancake Party Rap!

Outtakes and Extras!

$25 Ivanovsky Kid’s Mall Challenge! Help pick a winner….

$25 Challenge

Today is the first day of spring break for my kids. We are not going anywhere exciting this week and plan on getting some housework done along with some badly needed yard work. Not exactly what my kids had in mind as we usually go camping.

This morning we offered them a $25 challenge at the mall. When everyones chores were done we would give them each $25 and see who find the best deal. The little kids were with me and the 3 older kids on their own. The winner gets $25 to spend later in the week at the mall.

I am going to need your help deciding who won!

#1 – 12 Year old girl – Total spent $23.06 

  • Shirt from Forever Twenty-One $7.80
  • 9 Pairs of Socks from PayLess $11
  • Earrings From Claires $4.80
  • Free Chocolate from Godiva $3

#2 – 14 Year old girl – Total Spent $10

  • Used game from Game Stop $10

* She rationalized that she bought something for EVERYONE and that the rest of the money she is saving or using to buy popcorn for when they play the game…

#3 – 4 little kids and me – Total Spent – $25.80

  • Free Bath & Body Works Lotion $3.50
  • Free Godiva Chocolate $3
  • 3 Shirts from Forever Twenty-One $3.80 each
  • 2 Leggings from Forever Twenty-One $5.80 each
  • 1 Tank Top $2.80

* Plus we did a $5 survey in the mall, so we actually had $30 to spend :)

#4 – 16 Year Old Boy – Total Spent $25

  • Shirt from Pac Sun $19.99
  • Socks from Pac Sun $7.99

* He is arguing quality over quantity!

OK, so who do you think won? Just leave a comment and some lucky kid wins $25. :) Or 4 little kids get to share something!

My Piper Sandals Are Here!

Piper Sandals

This is a little bit of a person post, well actually completely personal… A long time ago I found Piper sandals at an art show. They were made by a family in San Antonio TX. They were super expensive, but I completely fell in love with them. I walked away but thought about them the rest of the day. I ended up going back the next day and buying a pair. They were MY FAVORITE sandals I had ever had. I wore them 10 months out of the year, every day, to church and even work.

“Our Hand made leather sandals feature a one piece fully adjustable strap witch gives every foot a perfect fit.WE REPLACE PIPER SANDAL STRAPS FREE EVEN IF A DOG EATS THEM.

The tools we use are from the industrial revolution era of America.  They are slow and correct and do not fit the modern demand for fast and almost right.  Using a few old machines, a couople of new ones and many old hand tools, our products are made the old world way…One at a time.  A little over 45,000 pairs of sandals have been made through these thirty-seven years.”

For years every picture of me, I have these sandals on. Then we moved. Somewhere in the move (I wore tennis shoes because of the boxes we were carrying) one of my sandals was lost :( We looked everywhere. My husband even went through a dumpster for me. I have been heart broken for 6 months. So last fall I started saving up my money to buy another pair. Every time we went to Chik Fil A with the kids, I didn’t buy anything and when I came home I dropped $5 in a box in my closet. Last week I had enough to get my sandals so I ordered them and they came in the mail yesterday! I am breaking them in today! Now, they are not for everyone. Lots of people don’t like the style, but I love them. They are the most comfortable shoe I own!

I will be eating at Chick Fil A today in my new sandals!! :) Ok and I really also just love the handwritten note you get with them as well.

* This is NOT a sponsored post. I didn’t get a pair free or even a discount. Piper sandals has no idea who or what MyLitter is, and I am pretty sure they don’t care :) This is just a personal post from me telling you about one of my favorite things! 

Please do not bring imaginary pets to class.

storie - gum

My almost 4 year old daughter and my niece go to ballet class together. Every Monday my Sister and I take turns driving these little 40 year old women trapped in 3 year old bodies to class. This week was my turn. This is how pick up went.

Dance teacher tells me, ” I am thinking about separating those two from each other in class.”

I am not surprised but I ask, “Really, why is that?”

Hesitantly, dance teacher says with a lowered voice, ” Well, does your niece have an imaginary friend? Like a little animal?”

“Yes, she does.” I reply, not worried because almost all my kids have had one. I am quite familiar with this little friend. “Was she talking about a little squirrel?”

Dance teacher again, “Thats the one! Well, the problem is that she makes your daughter babysit the ‘squirrel’ during class. So when it is Storie’s turn to dance she tries to carefully hold the ‘squirrel’ and do her pirouettes.”

I am now snorting my diet lemonade from my nose picturing my daughter trying to carefully watch an imaginary pet and dance at the same time.

” I tried to tell Storie to set the ‘squirrel’ down and get him after class, but your niece was yelling at her that he would get away. I think I need to separate them.” the Dance teacher explained.

“I’ll take care of it.” I assured her. So we got in the car and I explained that dance class is not the place for pets and that the ‘squirrel’ will have to stay in the car.

My niece was thrilled! “Oh good, Storie was doing a bad job, now YOU can watch him!”

Forgotten post! Favors for family reunion.

:: This post is back from 2009!!! Wow! Like back in the black and white TV days! :) Anyway, if any of you are planning a family reunion, it was a really cool way to have something for everyone when they get there! ::

Look what I stumbled upon… A post I had started and never finished. How strange, I started something and didn’t finish it. Weird. Ummm yea, I wish. I have been working on my husband for 13 years and am not even close to getting done with that.

Did I say that out loud? It doesn’t count because I typed it right? Let’s keep this between us…

Anyway back to the neglected post. I wanted something to give to everyone at the Family Reunion we had this summer. You know I wasn’t going to pay full price for anything but I wanted it to be kinda nice, so it took a little time to collect everything but I got it done.

I found these backpacks at the Dollar Store, thanks to a tip from my friend Susan who knew I was looking for bags for 30 people. They were perfect. I got all the different families coordinating colors.

Next, I used the same backpacker symbol that was on our t-shirts ( I will post a pic later…) for the reunion on the name tags. I printed one off for everyone and laminated them. Punched a hole and attached them with a small zip tie to the small pocket zipper on the backpack.

I made a schedule of events for everyone so that there is no confusion, or problems in relaying verbal information to 30 people. Basically just things that are actually scheduled and what families are in charge of specific meals for that day. I laminated this an attached it with the name tags. Now no one has an excuse for missing an activity :)

This is the loot that everyone got. This was an adult bag. I gave the kids more candy, less razors! Just kidding, they had more toys and little towels, flashlights, and goggles. Are you recognizing any CVS and Target deals??? Just a few huh! I would have to say that almost everything I loaded these bags with were free. It took some time but because I get about 6- 10 papers a week and shopped the sales picking up as many free things at a time that I could I saved hundreds of dollars. I am missing some things from this picture also. We had decks of cards, tooth brushes, Burts Bee’s lip gloss and some other goodies. The guys had cool razors, mens shampoo and body wash. It was nice to be able to provide a nice favor for not much more than my time.

What kinds of things have you done for family reunions?

Taking a bow… 18,000 posts published!


Just humor me for a second…

I was about to hit “publish” on the coupon post below… and happened to notice… 18,000 posts published!!! Wow my fingers are tired just looking at that number from all that typing! That is YEARS and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of hours writing up deals!

Ok, I am done patting myself on the back… :)

Mardi Gras Galveston – Gas money… the best money ever spent! :)

*repost from last year * Last month I took the kids to Mardi Gras Galveston. They have a free parade that is as family friendly as possible… and is a lot of fun along the sea wall.

This time of year it is hard to get away on a Saturday, especially with everyone as sports are just starting (here in the south!) and someone always has practice.

In fact, Paul had practice and so the kids and I went by ourselves. I packed some lunch and drinks. We grabbed blankies and the dog, and headed down. Galveston is about an hour and a half from us.

The kids had a BLAST! It is so fun to watch the big kids teach the little ones to yell for beads. They are all shy at first, but then it all starts coming back, and they really yell!

The thing is that the entire 4-5 hours we spent together really cost me nothing but gas. But the memories for the kids last forever and even longer then some of the pricey stuff there is to do with kids.

Don’t forget that gas money is some of the BEST money ever spent!

Mardi Gras Cupcakes

You can also check out my Mardi Gras Cupcakes posted HERE 

Our Frugal Valentines Day Tradition

Back when we were first married we ( o.k. I’ll admit it was probably me…) thought we/I had to spend a lot of money on Valentines Day to make it fun. But raising a family will teach you many things including, how to be frugal, what is most important, and changes what your “idea” of fun is.

Many years ago my husband started what has become my childrens favorite holiday tradition. I had just had a baby, and was not really in the mood to fight the crowds with a new baby and eat out for Valentines Day. My husband offered to make us dinner at home. He made chicken marsala. It was awesome! He also used a tablecloth (something we don’t do at our house!) had sparkling cider, candles, and table decorations. We invited the kids to eat with us. We turned all the lights down low and a new tradition was born. Every year we repeat the same thing and every year it is the nicest evening of the year. I can’t even begin to tell you how much the kids love it. We let them drink out of wine glasses and use the nice “china”. It really doesn’t cost anything more than a normal dinner but the excitement on the kids faces always brings me to tears.

It is so simple to start new traditions like this, that make memories for the entire family for our lifetimes, I would so much rather spend it with my husband and kids than figting the crowds. Don’t get me wrong, I like to eat out at  a nice restruant as much as anyone else, but I love this day 1,000 times more.

Valentines Dinner 2010

This is Paul’s night, he does it all. He was thrilled about me taking pictures, I can tell you that :)

He decorated with streamers, candles and fake rose petals. This was last year’s dinner.

Valentines Dinner 2010

We had sautéed asparagus, and mushrooms. Corn on the cob and garlic bread.

The HUGE surprise 2011??
Steak and Lobster?!
Oh my goodness! It was amazing!

He can grill anything and make it wonderful, but tonight the steak was out of this world, and for those who ate the Lobster said it was awesome! I tried a little. I have a few kids who LOVE seafood and they had some. He only got a few so we could all sample.

Valentines Dinner 2010

My Mom and Dad came by for dinner, they heard Paul was grilling :)

Valentines Dinner 2010

The treat for dessert?
Chocolate covered strawberries!
They were as big as this little boy’s hands!

Valentines Dinner 2010

What do you do for Valentines day?