:: SOLD OUT :: New Coupon Binders Are HERE!


Last year Paul and I were so sick of cheap coupon binders and replacing mine often, that we decided to design and have our own custom binders made.


We have changed manufacturers 3 times and finally found someone who can make them the way we want them RIGHT.

The coupon binders have 2 sets of rings that are 1 1/2 each.

There are 2 sets of offset rings, (so they don’t hit each other when it closes and makes the rings pop open) pockets on each side that are large and useful, and not small ones that nothing fits in!

Each binder has 4 pockets, plus space BEHIND the pocket inside. They also each have a strap to hold the binder pages in and keep them from ruining the rings and flopping all over the place.

The best part???

The zipper is INDUSTRIAL webbing. This zipper is not going to break, it isn’t going to pull apart! This is the last binder you will need. I was replacing my Case It binders 2x a year. I wanted something that wasn’t a waste of money!

Want to know what is REALLY cool?!  Made in the USA! Right here in Houston TX!

We have 4 different patterns for that large outside pocket. It has handles and a shoulder strap.

We have 5 colors in the first run of binders.

  • Day Lilies
  • Tangerine
  • Mod Swirl
  • Cream Damask
  • White Damask
Binders will be $40 and come with 30 insert pages and dividers.

The binders and site for them will be up and running next week. YOU can purchase a binder this weekend at my Frugal Living Conference where we will also be GIVING some away!  You can purchase a ticket to the conference below!


  1. Chris says

    They are beautiful! I will be asking Santa to bring me one for Christmas~ Any chance you will take a your frugal living seminar to say…Southern California?

    • Tiffany says

      Yes! That is a big pocket on the front! They are very washable, I have been testing mine for 2 months and have used a wet washcloth to get peanut butter on mine!

  2. Robin says

    Oh my! I need one of those! I’m on my second case-it and was just thinking the other day I was going to need another one. Perfect timing!!!! I won’t be able to attend the conference :( Will us locals be able to pick one up or will they be mailed?

  3. Kim says

    That industrial zipper really excites me! (LOL) I haven’t been able to zip my case it binder for almost a year and I’ve only had it for a little over a year.

  4. Cara Rutland says

    I plan to be there this weekend but have to wait ’til payday (tomorrow) to purchase my ticket :( What are the times and the location? And can you purchase a ticket at the door if need be?

    • Tiffany says

      November 3rd. 8:30-3:30 And the location address is on the sign up info. No, we wont have any tickets to get at the door. Sorry! :(

      • Jen says

        If there are still tickets available, could you please extend the closing by a day. My paycheck is also on the 31st, but sometimes doesn’t show up until the 1st :( Would love to go but not sure if I’ll make it before the deadline is up

  5. Jen Rodriguez says

    As I have said before, you amaze me! So do these binders! And the patterns are AWESOME! LOVE the orange/pink and blue/green ones! Great picks!!! WISH I lived closer I would so love to go to one of your conferences! But I am stuck here in good ol’ Illinois! Wonderful job! :o)

  6. Anne Kerr says

    Love the binders! Wish I could come to the class too. Any chance you will be in the Pittsburgh Pa area? Would love to have you do a class up here. Still will be a faithful follower regardless.

  7. Renee Wilmath says

    Just wondering, what type of plastic inserts would you use in them? I am new to couponing and have never had a binder before.

  8. Mia says

    I saw your binder at your class at the library in The Woodlands at least it looked like the black and white one pictured. I forgot to ask you where you got it. I was just going to look on the internet. I will be ordering several for Christmas. Do you know of anyone who has similar case for Ipads?

  9. says

    I just got my binder yesterday and it is just beautiful! I believe this one is going to last me a looooooong time! (I’ve been through 3 in the last year and a half!!) My hubby thinks it’s funny that I get so excited over a binder, but I just tell him, “You just don’t even know how awful the other binders were!” He just laughed! But all kidding aside, this looks like a very sturdy and efficient binder. Thanks Tiffany and Paul!!!

  10. Amanda Burt says

    Wow, what a wonderful job Tiffany! I can’t wait to get my hands on one. My husband was asking today what I might like for Christmas. If I tell him this binder, is there any way that it could still be delivered to Conroe by Christmas? Also, do you still have all colors in stock?

    • Tiffany says

      Thank you!! We have tangerine and day lilies right now, but will have the others next week. I can meet you somewhere and just hand it off!

      • Amanda Burt says

        So nice of you to offer to meet me. I didn’t want to put you out though. So I went ahead and ordered instead. It just arrived today! …….LOVE IT! Best Christmas present to myself EVER. (easy to please I guess). It is beautifully made. Thank you so much for putting this together. Quick question. What have you been using the front pocket for? Just looking for ideas. BTW, if you or any of your readers want a neat tip, the tab dividers never want to stick out beyond the other pages. However, I found a clever idea on another blog where she takes a plastic sleeve, makes a small slit in it and then puts the tab divider into the plastic sleeve, pushing the tab through the slit. ….the voila…..sticks out beyond the other pages! You can see it here organizinghomelife.com/archives/4758

  11. Lorrie Giovinazzi says

    Would love to attend one of your extreme couponing classes. When do you have one scheduled for April? I would have to come to Houston, so I need to make arrangements (I live in Ohio.) Thank you, you are an inspiration. Lorrie

    • Tiffany says

      Lorrie! I would love for you to come all the way down here, but I will see if I can find you something closer!

  12. Stephanie says


    New to all this but really want to get the hang of it. I love that fact that you are local so I can come to a class. A friend sent this link to me to check out and so far I have found it very helpful but also what I have read so far has been stuff I somewhat knew. Of course that being said I haven’t read all of the posts but need to get one of your binders and see where I can get a schedule of your classes. Thanks so much!!!

  13. Ryan says

    Hello. I have been on the hunt for a very sturdy zippered binder, but I am looking for one with bigger rings (3 + 1.5 maybe). Also, not to offend, but I am looking for something a little more manly-looking or at least neutral. Is there any chance you might do something like that? The only ones I’ve found so far are the Case-It ones and everyone has said they are junk. Thanks!

    • Tiffany Ivanovsky says

      Hi! We make them in solid black, but currently these are the only size rings that we carry.

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