Coupon Binders Ready for Purchase! Awesome Christmas Gift!

Last year Paul and I were so sick of cheap coupon binders and replacing mine often, that we decided to design and have our own custom binders made.


We have changed manufacturers 3 times and finally found someone who can make them the way we want them RIGHT.

The coupon binders have 2 sets of rings that are 1 1/2 each.

There are 2 sets of offset rings, (so they don’t hit each other when it closes and makes the rings pop open) pockets on each side that are large and useful, and not small ones that nothing fits in!

They also each have a strap to hold the binder pages in and keep them from ruining the rings and flopping all over the place.

There is a large outside pocket for inserts, or coupon policies. It also has a carrying strap (super important if you have little ones!).

Each binder has 4 pockets, plus space BEHIND the pocket inside.

The best part???

The zipper is INDUSTRIAL webbing. This zipper is not going to break, it isn’t going to pull apart! This is the last binder you will need. I was replacing my Case It binders 2x a year. I wanted something that wasn’t a waste of money!

Want to know what is REALLY cool?!  Made in the USA! Right here in Houston TX!

We have 4 different patterns for that large outside pocket. It has handles and a shoulder strap.

We have 5 colors in the first run of binders.

  • Day Lilies (red)
  • Tangerine (orange)
  • Mod Swirl (green) * only 2 left 
  • Cream Damask (not shown)
  • White Damask
** For the guys we have a solid black binder. Choose any color, and just add that in the comments!!

Binders are $40 and come with 20 insert pages and dividers. Shipping is $7.95. Additional pages are available.

Purchase Includes: 

  • Your choice of Coupon Binder + Shoulder Strap
  • 20 pages 9 pocket HIGH QUALITY coupon pages (baseball card size)
  • 2 pages 3 pocket horizontal coupon pages
  • 8 page dividers
  • 4 page “Getting Started Couponing” handout
  • 2 page tips on “How to Organize Your Binder”

We will gladly gift wrap your binder and mail it as a gift for you. Just leave a comment in the check out process.

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  1. Cathy says

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am forwarding this to my husband for an idea for me for Christmas. I need a new one and have been waiting for yours to come available for sale.
    Thank you,

    • Tiffany says

      Yes you have one of the Mod Swirls. It ships in a flat rate box and they should be picked up today ( I have an order for the postal carrier to pick them up at my house today) It says 2-3 days on the box, but to Conroe, I would say 2?

  2. Cortney says

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to get one for cheaper without the inside pages? I have been couponing a LONG time and have all the guts and my system worked out so I only need a new binder. Mine bit the dust! :)

        • Tiffany says


          You can just order the binder for $35, and yes shipping is the same. :( Shipping is actually $11.50 and we pay for the difference and only charge you $7.95.

          Although the rings are 1 1/2 inches each, I for some reason feel like the one ring 3″ holds more. I have never tested it, and would love to sell a binder, but they just seem like they fit more! I still use one of my binders but I only cut out 3 of my inserts each week and have more than enough room. If you cut out a lot than you might just want a 3″.


  3. Cortney says

    Great! How would I go about ordering one with just the binder? And does it fit about the same amount of pages as a 3in single ring would?

  4. Heather says

    woohoo!! got in the mail today. love it!! great looking binder and it’s made in the USA :) -worth every penny. thanks so much.

  5. Betty MacNamara says

    I’m sorry to leave this in comments but couldn’t find anywhere on the website to contact you any other wy. I received my binder yesterday and it does not contain the information sheets (4 page and 2 page) that was listed as included with the order . It also didn’t contain the pages with the long pockets for coupons.

  6. Kathleen says

    Hello! I was wondering if an email will be sent letting me know when the binder has shipped. I ordered one a couple days ago and haven’t heard anything except from PayPal. I know it has only been a couple days, but I am very anxious to receive my binder. Thank you!!

  7. ashleigh says

    HI id like to order the day lilies without the guts! lol just the binder! I saw that you had not posted anything new here for a while! please let me know asap and let me know how to purchase the lilies without the guts haha

  8. Tina Colicchio says

  9. cindy says

    I would like more information on how to order a binder and also your location I see your from Houston
    I live in houston thanks


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