Walmart Coupon Deals and Weekly Matchups + Paul’s Trip!

The coupons in the Sunday paper are really pretty good this week. You should have a SS and a RP insert.

What a way to start Spring Break…. I have 2 kids puking all night and one who has such bad allergies her eyes were all glued shut when she woke up. :( Paul was at Walmart at 1am and did a quick shopping trip with the coupons from the Sunday  paper.

  • Total before coupons: $21.36
  • Total after coupons: $7.76!

::This is what I did::

Colgate Kids $1
Use $.50/1 Colgate 03/10/13
Total: $.50

Poise Wipes $2.97
Use $3.oo Poise 03/10/13
Total: FREE

Visine $4.48 (there is a cheaper one, but my allergies were bad so I got the allergy Visine that costs more)
Use $2.00 Visine Coupon 03/10/13
Total: $2.48

Degree Sport $2.47 
Degree Mens Hair Clear Shampoo $6.98 
Use Degree BOGO Clear Men’s Scalp FREE (up to $6.99) 03/10/13
Total: $2.47

Men’s Speed Stick $.98
Women’s Speed Stick $.98
Use BOGO Speed Stick coupon 03/10/13
Total: $.49 each

Suave Women’s Deodorant $1.50
Use $.50 Suave Coupon 03/10/13 RP ( you might get $.75 off )
Total: $1.00


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Dairy & Refrigerated
Meat, Poultry & Seafood
Household & Personal


  1. Heather says

    Hope your kids are doing better, my son started that on Wednesday night and just had his first meal for dinner on Sunday…hope yours recover quickly it is a nasty stomach bug going around.

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