Walmart Black Friday Tips & Tricks to Getting Your Items!

If you are a Black Friday shopper, you might want to take a peek at some interesting info over at I Heart The Mart. 

I Heart the Mart exclusive interview with the Director of Communications and Community Relations at Walmart, I asked some of the questions that my AWESOME I Heart the Mart readers had about Black Friday. I was floored at the answers so I asked them to write them down. This is EXACT text of the email I received:

  • For items already on layaway, will Walmart price match those items if they have now gone on sale for Black Friday?
Items that have been put on layaway then are paid off on Black Friday will be sold at Black Fridaypricing (i.e. If you place a LG Blu-ray player on layaway today and payoff the purchase on Black Friday, you will pay the $38 Black Friday price).
  • Can you use coupons for layaway items? 

Yes. Walmart is committed to providing our customers with the lowest prices. To back up our price leadership promise, we will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product right at the cash register even on layaway items.More information is available at

  • Are Black Friday deals online again? 

Customers can also get a jump start on shopping from the comfort of their homes with a two day online-only event on starting early on Thanksgiving Day and extending through Black Friday. Savings on hundreds of the hottest toys and electronics include:·       Samsung 50? Class LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV – $698

·       Ematic 7” Tablet Android 4.0 1GHz, 4GB – $49

·       Dsi XL Ultimate Bundle – $129

·       Razor A Kick Scooter, Multiple Colors – $25 shoppers can choose free shipping to home on eligible $45 orders with Home Free or free store pickup with Site To Store and also use Pay with Cash.

  • Is Walmart price-matching Black Friday ads?
Our long standing ad match guarantee will be in effect throughout the 2012 holiday season – including on Black Friday. The ad match guarantee ensures that customers get the best prices on toys and other items throughout the store. We will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product right at the cash register. Walmart’s ad match guarantee does not include online prices. -END OF QUESTIONS-
What Does This Mean?
In a single word? Domination… complete Black Friday Domination. I don’t know a reason you wouldn’t shop Black Friday at Walmart!
This is how you do it:
  • Find the items you want from the Walmart Black Friday Ad 2012 and go put them on Layaway (Walmart Layaway Policy) anytime from NOW until Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
  • You are NOT Allowed to price match the items right now, it will be put on Layaway at the current Walmart Price.
  • Go to Walmart Anytime the Black Friday Price is Available (Thursday or Friday) and Price Match to the Black Friday Ad.
  • You MUST pay in full on Friday to get the Black Friday Price- you must close out your Layaway contract or it will stay at the full purchase price
  • You can do this with other stores Black Friday Ads- Yes… REALLY
  • PRINT THIS POST and take it with you.
If you are Price matching other stores Black friday Ads it must be to the EXACT same item. All dates AND times apply.


  1. Anele says

    The store I work at is closing Layaway on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. No business will be conducted at layaway that day.

  2. Tricia says

    Last year i also dont remember the layaway being open on black friday. The only one i remember is kmart and that line for layaway was hours long. But im going to call my Walmart in the am about this!! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Alison says

    I live in Connecticut and as they did last year walmart won’t do layaway purchasing until Friday after 2pm which is past the sale times.

  4. Felicia says

    The store I work for isn’t letting you get what’s already on layaway for the Black Friday price. The UPCs on the Black Fridays products are going to be different. I suppose they could cancel out their layaway and buy the one on Black Friday.

    • Tiffany says

      Felicia, it isn’t the specific black friday only on sale that day. What we are talking about is if you want a vtech that Target has on sale for $59 that day, you add it to layaway now and that way they are not sold out that day.

    • Tiffany says

      No Michelle, you were rude and demeaning to Walmart employees, and I don’t approve comments like that. If you want to try again and can comment without acting like a 1st grader then you can make another attempt.

      • Samantha says

        You tell her Tiffany!! No need for childish behavior on here! We’re all here to get help not to be ugly and hateful!

  5. Lori says

    Provided layaway is open… I’m going to play devil’s advocate here with this whole UPC thing –
    If they are price matching for the exact same item. Wouldn’t it be likely that another store is likely to have a different UPC for that item too, so what would UPCs matter so long as you have the EXACT same item on layaway as the price matching policy says (Walmart, Target or whoever has it advertised that day)? Make sense?

  6. Cris says

    The lay-a-way department at the League City store off of 646 will not be open on Thursday but will be available Friday. Unfortunate for me because the items I need are on sale Thursday :( bummer!

  7. cory says

    You mentioned printing out this post, but is there anything more “official” I could print. Not that I don’t trust you guys, I’m just having visions of Walmart employees looking at me like I’m crazy. I tried looking on WM site, but am not seeing the details that you have laid out. I definitely plan on calling and going up there myself to make sure this will work for me at my Conroe WM. Thanks so much for the heads up!!! Yall are awesome!!!

  8. cory says

    another question…what if I wanted to get something from Phase 1 sale, and something else from Phase 2 sale? Would I have to pay in different phases too? Or do the items remain that same sale price for the remainder of the black Friday sale?

  9. Anonymous says

    I am still kind of confused. If I put a 32″ emerson hdtv ( $148.00)and a Wii console ($89.00) on layaway today. Can I go in at any time on friday,pay off the layaway and get the above black friday prices. Or do I take them out of layaway at the same time the deals are going on?Will the layaway be open during these times? These are the only items I am interested in and dont want to make a mistake.

    • Tiffany says

      I am Stil la little confused as well! If they are only being ,marked down during a specific time, then yes you have to have your ad in hand and take them out of layaway at that time.

  10. Tracy N says

    Three years ago, I tried to buy a Leapster 2 at Wal-Mart on Black Friday, but the ad price wasn’t honored. It rung up for regular price. The store manager said the Leapster 2’s that were on sale had a special UPC, and were on a pallet in one of the aisles. (They were, of course, gone by 5:30 am.)

    I hope Wal-Mart really has changed their ways, and Black Friday shopping works out better for your readers than it did for me a few years back. But I hope no one has hung their whole hopes for Christmas on this plan. I hope I get to hear some success stories!

    • Tiffany says

      Same here! It really shoulnt matter on the UPC because if you are price matching to A different store it doesn’t matter

  11. Josh says

    Not true! I work at walmart and no you will not get black fridays deals unless you purchase that day. No items placed on lay away are eligible.

    • Tiffany says

      Josh, I don’t think you are understanding what items you can be placing on layaway and getting the black friday price on. Items in layaway are eligible to be price matched to other stores ads.

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