Papa John’s Pizza 50% off with coupon code!

** Looks like it is not working online… BUT if you CALL it in they have been taking it!!!!

Ordering pizza this weekend? Reader Shenell sent in a great deal that she got at Papa John’s.

When you order online HERE, you can get 50% off your order with promo code EW50.

Shenell ordered 2 large specialty pizza regular price at $11.00. With tax and delivery her total was $13.75 . Offer is valid through 4/24.

Great deal, thanks!

** Hang on, has anyone been able to use it? Let me know if you have had luck, some are saying it says invalid.


  1. Jennifer E. says

    I Tried The 2 Closet Stores To Me And It Said Invalid But The 3rd Closet Accepted It! So It Looks Like Its Only Valid At Select Stores

  2. Monica says

    It works in Raleigh,NC. Thanks for the deal. I can get a extra large pizza with wings for 12 bucks with another special offer.

  3. Cyndi says

    Just call the store you want to use it at and tell them it’s not working. We just tried to use it and it didn’t work online so I called and they accepted it.

  4. Jamie says

    This worked for me in Pa. I got $30.00 for only $16.34. The promo code is only good if the order is placed online.

  5. Sandy says

    How do I send this notice to my daughter….email that is………… thanks for all your help in finding GREAT deals

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