Host a House Party and get FREEBIES!

Many ages ago, back in the dark ages of Blogger, I posted ALL THE TIME about House Party. MANY of my readers have won or were picked to host a House Party. These are FREE super fun parties that you apply to host, that are given by different brands that want to get their name out there.

It is fun because you get a TON of freebies and supplies to host it. You invite all your friends to hang out and try the samples and get freebies themselves, not hard to do. House Party has a bunch of good parties to host right now, you can go HERE and see what they have and apply to the ones that look interesting to you.

Just an FYI, my sister hosted a Shutterfly party and all the guests got free photobooks, bags, coupons and more! There is a Shutterfly one coming up!

Have you hosted a House Party? Which one and what kind of freebies did you get?!


  1. Lisa says

    I hosted a breakstones zesty blends party and received free product coupons and cutting boards for the guest. This weekend I am hosting a chef boyardee party, I also received free coupons and a bag

  2. Julia C. says

    I’m about to host a game one coming up! In the past I’ve done one for a book that was coming out, Gerber baby products and Digiorno pizza

  3. Rachel Cooney says

    I’ve hosted a Betty Crocker and a Gerber house party and I’m about to do a Spin Master house party-I actually just got my party pack and there were 2 board games, tons of coupons for more games for my guests, and party stuff like napkins, drink stirrers, etc. I LOVE HOUSE PARTY!

  4. Rachel Cooney says

    With the Betty Crocker one I got free cooking utensils, packages of cookie mix, and aprons and with the Gerber party I got diaper bags, coupons for free formula, bibs, nipples for bottles, and baby food!

  5. Michelle says

    I’m about to host my first one this week, Chef Boyardee, and I’m excited about it. I have applied for several others and will keep my fingers crossed!!!

  6. Amber says

    I am about to do my 4th party (chef bayardee). These partys are so much fun. I have also done the budweiser backyard bbq, pull ups and dance party for the WII.

  7. Donna says

    I hosted a Little Debbie Cloud Cake party. Was a little nervous when my package didn’t show up until a few days before the party. I couldn’t believe it, they sent me napkins, coasters, (the kids used then as frisbees), magnets, notepaper, and last but not least 17 packages of cloud cakes!!! We had a blast!

  8. LCM says

    I did a PS3 Move party. I got two motion controllers, a Subway gift card, soda gift cards and PS party favors as well as a demo set of games. It was pretty darn cool.

  9. Nicole says

    Wish I knew what your secret was — I have applied for a lot of their parties and never was picked, so I just gave up. They do still send me emails about upcoming parties.

  10. says

    I applied for my first two host parties. Is it difficult to get picked. I really would like to host one. I saw photo’s of others hosting them and it looks like a lot of fun.

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