Rotating Can Storage – Fall Sale prices $100 off Harvest 72″

** I am reposting this for everyone who has asked!

If you saw the TLC show, you saw my shelving! I really love this stuff. It allows me to have a first in and first out system. Plus, it is really fun for the kids to put the cans away so I never have to do it! I have this big set in the game room and smaller sets in the pantry.

I promise I will take new pictures of how I have it set up now!

Every now and then I would venture the 30 miles away to Costco and drool over the rotating can shelving that they had there. But, I never felt like I could afford it. I always put it on my Christmas list.
Santa never brought me a set.
Someone talk to my husband about that please.

Then finally we decided it was worth the investment. I had sets of gorilla shelving everywhere with stacks of cans piled in and never a system to rotate or even know what I had. I would repeatedly buy more cans of things I didn’t need because I couldn’t see what I had.

Right now, the Pantry Cansolidator is on sale for 52% off, it is only $21.49. I have about 6 of these and can customize them to fit soda cans to tuns cans.

The large Harvest 72″ is what I have for all my cans, it is that large free standing system. I have one that was a “scratch and dent” that I got a big discount on and the other was on sale. They are on sale this month for a little over $100 off.

On the website they also have a place where you can put in the dimensions of what area you need a shelf for and it will find one that fits for you.

Go HERE to take a look.
** To see and get the discounted price, create an account, then add the items to your cart and you will be getting a MUCH better discount!


  1. Julie Cover says

    I won a Pantry Cansolidator in one of your giveaways. Can’t wait until I receive it!! Think you’ll ever have another giveaway for these and the Harvest 72″ again?? Would love to win a big one!! Unfortunately can’t afford to buy one.

  2. annie schafer says

    Thanks Tiffany I have been wanting some for a while but did not see paying almost 45.00 each. Today I bought 2 of them at half price. Thank you again

  3. Annette says

    Tiffany – I have a question. I want to purchase the Harvest shelf, but I’m trying to figure out what type of shelves I should order. What size cans fit in the small shelf and the medium shelf. I’m assuming that soup cans would be the small, but what type of canned food would fit in the medium size?


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