Guest Post: Dr. Laraway talks saving money by doing a saliva test?!

This morning I want to bring you some money saving and interesting information from our dentist over at Laraway Family Dentistry.

It might seem a little strange that I am talking about teeth. But in the past few years with my kids and husband we have really been hit hard with dental problems and bills. My dentist has something really cool and interesting that I am going to share with you today.

Did you know that you can take a simple saliva test that will help determine what dental problems you will have in the future? Which can save you from expensive dental visits!!

P.S. If you have ANY dental questions. I talked Dr. Laraway into checking the comments today to answer any questions. Or if you don’t want to ask them “out loud” you can ALWAYS call them and ask. 

From Dr. Laraway: “There is a link  between chronic inflammatory periodontal (gum) infections and systemic diseases such as: heart attacks, diabetes, stroke, some forms of cancers.

Periodontal disease is a type of oral (gum) problem that starts with bad breath, bleeding gums and can end in tooth loss.There are three important characteristics which make periodontal disease worthy of our attention.

1. Asymptomatic – Does not hurt till its latest, final stages when teeth become loose in the bone and cannot be saved. Most times only an X-ray and a dental exam will reveal a presence of this elusive disorder.

2. Irreversible – Most of the bone cannot be recovered during treatment. It is possible however with good oral hygiene, bone grafts and frequent (every 3 months) visit to the dentist to slow down or stop the progression of bone loss.

3. Contagious – As with any bacterial or viral disease it is communicable from person to person. It can target people with weak immune systems. It also occurs among teenagers hence the name juvenile periodontitis.”My perio-path” identifies and measures certain bacteria in your mouth that can cause gingivitis (early stage of gum disease) and periodontal (mature) gum disease .
Oral risk HPV -this test detrmines if you are at increased risk for HPV-human papilloma virus related to oral and throat cancers.”


Interesting huh? A Simple saliva test can help predetermine so many things and SAVE you some MONEY with dental bills in the future!

To have this test done costs $99, it will take 7-10 business days to get the results back. You can call Larayway’s at 936-321-1477 to make an appointment or ask ANY questions!

The experts at Oral salivary diagnostics are working on a variety of other tests which will be available to public in upcoming months. In the meantime good hygiene and nutrition are the best ways to safeguard yourself from a variety of diseases. Next months topic-good nutrition made easy.

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  1. Diana says

    First of all let me say how impressed I am with your practice. WOW. Wish we had something like this in NC. Don’t get me wrong I love my current dentist, Dr. Michael Tumbarello, he is wonderful and great with children. My issue is with a former dentist who didn’t tell me I had periodontal disease and by the time I found out it was almost too late for treatment but by then I needed a peridontist and couldn’t afford one. I now have an upper denture (8 years)and am trying to keep my bottom teeth for a few more years. I do want to say bleeding gums happened only rarely with me. My current dentist informed me smoking and antidepressants dry out the mouth worsening periodontal disease and it runs in family’s. My question, Since periodontal disease runs in my family (mother and aunt) should I have this saliva test done on my grown children? Thanks you for your gift to Texas.

    • Tiffany says

      Absolutely. That is why it is so valuable to know about the disease before it happens. Periodontal disease has a lot to do with one’s immune system which is a reflection of our inherited traits.Thank you for your wonderful compliment.We try to stay up to date on all new developments in dentistry and medicine.
      If you are planing on a trip to Texas -please visit us for a free consultation and Xrays.You may consider having implants done to replace your denture ?…
      Have a wonderful day and keep reading our posts. There is some new exciting stuff comming up.
      Dr.Joanna (Asha) Laraway.

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