Homemade Cinnamon Roll Recipe – Clone of a Cinnabon!

homemade cinnamon roll recipe

Last night I got the urge to make homemade cinnamon rolls because it was so rainy and ugly out, it seemed like the right thing to do! Plus, we had company coming in and I thought it would be a nice welcome from a long drive.

O.K. who am I lying to? I just wanted to eat some!

cinnamon roll recipeCinnamon Rolls are so easy to make, they just take a few steps, so give it a shot and don’t let them scare you!

Mix 1 quart Whole Milk, 1 cup butter, and 1 cup Sugar in a pan. Bring almost to a boil, just “scald” the milk. If you boil you went too far, it will curdle the milk.

Remove from the heat and let it cool until warm. Add 2 packages Active Dry Yeast, 0.25 Ounce Packets and mix in.

making cinnamon rolls

Now transfer to a bowl all the liquid, then add 8 cups of flour, 1 teaspoon (heaping) Baking Powder, 1 teaspoon (scant) Baking Soda, and 1 Tablespoon (heaping) Salt.

Cover with a tea towel and let rise for about an hour. After it has risen, turn out to a floured surface ( like above) and add about 1 more cup flour while kneading it all in.

Now comes the fun:

assembling cinnamon rollsTake about 1/2 of the dough and roll it out into a rectangle. I would say 18 inches by about 9 inches or so. Cover with a thin layer of melted butter, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon and then sprinkle with brown sugar.

Starting with the long side away from you, roll the dough up towards you. Fold the dough up and close the roll by pinching it together.

Now take the sharpest knife you have and cut the roll into 2 to 2 1/2 inch sections. Now place them in a greased pan almost touching each other. Let these rise about 20 minutes and put them into the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes.

cinnamon rolls from ovenPull them out when they start to get golden brown, let them cool for just a few minutes, and pour frosting over the cinnamon rolls!

For the frosting, you might have to add more milk or even more powdered sugar to get the right consistency. You want it thick but pourable!

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These are the products that I use when making this dish: 

Essential oils for beginners

Are you wondering what all that talk is about essential oils?! I can help explain it HERE.


  1. Kristi D. says

    Ooooh so want to try these yours look so good. I tried to make a batch from another recipe for the first time a few months ago and they were good but not quite the perfect cinnabon quality. This one sounds like just the ticket!!

  2. Misstigerlili says

    If you find cutting them with a knife to be smashing the dough, you could use an undyed piece of thread, string, or unflavored floss. Shimmy it under the dough and cross the thread and pull. It cuts the dough w/o added pressure to smash it. Old trick I used to use.

  3. motherofmanyalso says

    How many does it make? By any chance do you know the nutritional
    numbers, carbs, etc? My family would love this!!

  4. lisa says

    After cutting them up& letting them rise for 20 minutes, could u freeze one 9x 13 since it makes so much.?
    thank u very much for the great recipe!


    • Anonymous says

      My favorite recipe!!!!!!!! I am so glad wonderful chefs like you are kind enough to share you wisdom with the world. People like you make my day glorious!!!!!!!! Thank you for making me and my tummy happy.

  5. lisa says

    The cream cheese frosting from Cinnabon at the mall has a smidgeon of lemon in it. My daughter works there. I have been trying to duplicate it for sometime.

    • Tiffany says

      Your yeast could have been dead or old? Or it could have risen too long or been killed if it was too hot. Just thinking why it wouldn’t rises correctly… anyone else have any ideas?

      • David says

        Make sure that you liquid is between 100 – 110 F. If it is much above this it will kill the yeast if much below this the yeast will not activate.

  6. Peggy says

    This recipe brought back memories for me…..Years ago when I worked in a restaurant in PA I had to make these every other day….they sold like hot cakes….

  7. Kathy says

    When you said take 1/2 the dough and it roll out, what do you do with the other half? I am assuming you make another pan full?

  8. Kathy says

    I made these today and they were delicious! My dough was super wet and sticky so when I kneaded it I added 2 or more cups of flour. And when I cooked them the brown sugar melted and made a delicious crust on the bottom. My cinnamon rolls were so soft and had the best flavor and I love the glaze the best one I have tried yet. So much better than other ones I have tried. My only disapointment was I didn’t have enough powder sugar to make glaze for my other pan. Do you recommend to freeze them after they are cooked? Thanks for sharing the recipe! :)

    • Anonymous says

      I also make taffy buns. Put in the bottom of the pan then add rolls let rise then bake. About 1/2 stick oleo, 1/2 cup or so of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of karo syrup. When you take rolls out of the oven turn out on a cookie sheet and let cool. Delicious

  9. meg says

    I can’t find the recipe for the cream cheese frosting. I see what ingredients I will need, but not how to make it. I’m more of a cook not a baker loo but I want to try this recipe. Is it pretty easy to make? I’m excited to try this recipe!! :-)

  10. jennie says

    cream cheese frosting: 1/2 stick butter, 1/2 bar cream cheese melted in microwave, stir in powdered sugar until you have the consistency you want

  11. says

    My daughters and I made this recipe and it was a hit . My husband and son really loved them. I tend to look for baking recipes on websites and when I saw how delicious they looked, I decided to give it a go. I am more of a cook than a baker, but my whole family agreed these were the best we have tasted. Thanks for sharing. This is a keeper!

  12. Erica says

    Can this be made with 2% milk? I LOVE cinnamon rolls and have never tried homemade ones so I would love to try making them. These look great!

    • Tiffany says

      It just completely depends on how thick you make them and how wide you cut them! You can make giant ones or small ones totally up to you!

  13. Hollie says

    If I make these tonight (except baking), could I just refrigerate the ready to bake rolls and bake them in the morning?

  14. Trisha says

    I made this a few weeks ago and my kids thought they were the next best thing since sliced bread. I am making them again today for after school. Breakfast for dinner! Thanks so much for such a great recipe…….now I just have to get my rolling tight technique down :-)

  15. Yvette says

    Was looking through many cinnamon roll recipes today and am so glad I chose to make yours, Partly because it seamed to be the easiest to follow! I’ve only ever had cinnabon in Kaula Lumpur as I live in Australia, but yum yum yum! Thank you so much for brightening our winter day with this really yummy recipe. We are enjoying them right now!

  16. Cherie says

    Do I stir everything together after I add flour and rest of dry ingredients to yeast mixture or not? It doesn’t specify to stir before I let it rise.

  17. Jackie says

    2 cups margarine
    2 cups cream cheese
    4 cups powdered sugar
    2 tsp lemon juice
    2 tsp vanilla extract

    Allow margarine and cream cheese to reach room temperature. Beat cream cheese and margarine together in a bowl with a mixer. Slowly add in all powdered sugar. Once all of the sugar is in the bowl mixfor AT LEAST 12 minutes. When almostdone, add in the extracts. (makes 6 cups)

  18. Michelle says

    Can I make these (up until baking point) and refrigerate and bake in the morning? Would love to make these and bring somewhere tomorrow morning…

    • Cindy says

      Would love to know the answer to this question also. I have a feeling they would probably rise too much but it would be great if you could.

  19. says

    Made these tonight. I actually cut the recipe in half so I wouldn’t have to cook two batches. They were so good! Thank you for sharing!

  20. Anonymous says

    I have never made homemade cinnamon rolls before in my life. I’m 39 years old. I do cook, and bake, just always avoid those things that I have to wait on like this. I was not sure what’d I’d end up with since I had no clue what I was doing (didn’t even know what a tea towel was), but my first attempt turned out EXCELLENT! I must disagree with your definition of easy though. It took 3 hours from start to finish to get these done. Needless to say, they were lunch, not breakfast the first time. I had no idea how to tell when milk was “almost” going to boil!! I guess I got it right though ’cause everything turned out fine. That process alone took about 20 min. Then letting that cool was another 30 or 45. Since this recipe made SO MUCH, I only cooked half that day and divided the rest of the dough into three separate balls and stuck it in the freezer. There are only 3 of us in the house, so no reason to cook up a dozen cinnamon rolls at at time. With the frozen dough, we can actually have them for breakfast. I will make them again, but will have to plan to spend a day in the kitchen and again, have them for lunch, not breakfast. Thanks for teaching this old dog a new trick! 😀

    • Anonymous says

      A good and easy way to get milk to temp is to microwave it for 3 minutes, then add butter & sugar. By doing this it brings the temp back down and then it’s not too hot for the yeast.

  21. says

    These turned out super awesome, and I am definitely adding this recipe to my baking arsenal.

    One question, though – do you have any tips if the recipe turns out a bit doughy? I’m having trouble telling if the rolls are done or not, since the parts with the buttery spread are moist and dense generally. I cooked one batch in a cast iron pan, and they definitely didn’t seem done on the inside. Another batch I cooked in glass pie plates did better, but I just wasn’t sure.

  22. Celeste says

    Working on my 1st attempt with this recipe…I Googled, Cinnamon Rolls as the husband has been after me for a few days now…once the weather got a little wet outside, I guess that means it’s fall and he wants food that sticks to his ribs.
    I’ve made cinnamon rolls many times in the past, but this is the 1st time I’ve had to scald milk and then continue with the process…however, I’m sure they will turn out delicious. Anything with a cup of butter, a cup of sugar and flour has to be tastey!! :)
    Thanks for posting this recipe…I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  23. Celeste says

    *ON POINT*
    these cinnamon rolls are DA BOMB!!
    As I said above I have made cinnamon rolls before, but THESE were DELICIOUS! I think it was adding the salt & sugar to the dough…they were fluffy and sugary and cinnamon’y…I made a cream cheese frosting…
    Here is the cream cheese recipe:
    1/2 cup butter (yes REAL (salted) BUTTER)
    1 8oz package cream cheese
    (let both sit to room temp as it makes it easier to mix)
    1 tsp vanilla
    2-3 heaping cups of powedered sugar
    Mixed with my kitchenaide on 3-4 power, with the whisk…
    Fluffy yummy frosting!!
    Frosted after the rolls has cooled…then hit the cinn roll in the microwave for about 10 seconds and eat!! YUM!!
    😀 Super Happy (sugared up) kids & hubby!

  24. Ria says

    I can’t wait to try this, have anyone ever added the nuts/
    Pecans to this recipe? I would like to, does anyone
    Know how much? and possibly raisins
    My husband is a nut fanatic.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing.


  25. Julie says

    I made these twice now. LOVE THEM, and real easy to make. Definitely learned that they do indeed need to touch while second rise and bake time. Otherwise the vertical spirals of the dough go flat and or fall. great and easy recipe. very good taste!

  26. Sunita says

    I made them last night and brought them to work. Evorobody loved them. They were grait. The only change I made was the cooking time. They did not look ready after 15 minutes so I baked them for 25.
    The best recipe ever, thank you soooo much!

  27. Jana says

    These are so yummy, made them multiple times already and they always go VERY fast! Thank you so much for this recipe!! The only thing is that I add much more flower (about 2 cups more) as I find the dough very very thin otherwise. But works great with the extra flour!

  28. Angelina says

    I worked at cinnabon for 2 years no lemon in the frosting sugar real butter and cream cheese they butter the dough then add sugar brown sugar and cinnamon then let it rise the only problem I have is I never made the dough

  29. says

    Tried the rolls for Christmas breakfast. Tastes great, didn’t cook quite right. Maybe lower temp, longer time? Maybe make 6 rolls in a smaller pan, like Cinnabon? The center rolls were mostly raw. But again, delicious!

  30. Margaret says

    I see you used the rice cooker for this recipe. Is that to rise the dough? I have never thought of that and have a rice cooker. What setting would you use? Keep warm? Would a slow cooker on keep warm work too? My new oven doesn’t get low enough so this is a new thought I would like to prayer further.

  31. Molly says

    I, personally, am not a fan of cinnamon rolls because of the lack of cinnomon, frosting, and overall moisture. But! I LOVE these! I just made them this evening along with Cream cheese Frosting and I love them. Thanks for the recipe.

  32. Misty says

    I made these, but instead of spreading butter on the dough I used sweet condensed milk, and added about a cup of chopped nuts to by brown sugar mix. They turned out like a sticky roll. Really good!

  33. Nichole says

    OMG! I have made these twice now… In a week. First thing first, this recipe will yield about 30 rolls! Don’t even bother trying to half the recipe,otherwise you will regret it in the end. My second batch, I cut the recipe in half and it lasted all of 10 minutes. Now, I was not very happy with the first batch because they were a little chewy,so I made a few tweaks in what I did the second time around. Use a kitchen thermometer to temp the liquid. Do not add the yeast until the liquid is 110 degrees. When I added the dry ingredients to the wet, I just mixed enough to incorporate all of the ingredients . Since it is January and I live in Washington,I don’t have the ideal climate for proofing (allowing the dough to rise) so I turned my on to 400 for just a minute or two, then turned the oven off and put the bowl with the dough in there to proof. Don’t be impatient! Give the dough about an hour to double in size. Next, I used my kitchen Aid mixer to knead the dough while I added flour 1/4 cup at a time to stiffen the dough to an elastic state. Then I let the dough hook knead for about 5 minutes. I pulled the dough out and kneaded by hand stretching the dough a little each time…then instead of rolling it out, I continued to stretch it with my hands, much like you would a pizza crust. I thought, perhaps rolling it is what caused the chewiness the first time. When it was as thin as I wanted it,I pulled it into a rectangle shape. I used a half sick of melted butter to wash the dough and then was generous with the cinnamon and brown sugar. I rolled it from the long side. To cut the rolls, I used a white piece of thread. I placed them in a buttered glass casserole dish, put them back in my oven (heated as above for proofing) and left them there for another hour before pulling them out and preheating the oven to 400. I cooked them for 15 minutes. So, long story short, be patient!!! These definitely aren’t something you can just whip up; but they ARE DEFINITELY worth every second it takes to make them. I topped them with the cream cheese frosting listed above, minus the lemon juice because I didn’t have any. Beating the frosting for at least 12 minutes is also a must. It makes for a very smooth icing.

    These cinnamon rolls literally melt in your mouth!

    • amanda says

      It says to cut the dough in half in the recipe, and then it never mentions to repeat the following with the remaining dough. So will all the cinnamon buns fit into 1 baking pan or do you need to use 2 baking pans? Thanks!

  34. Diane M. says

    A few people have asked how much is “one bag” of powdered sugar but I couldn’t find a reply. Can you give a measurement in weight or volume? Thanks.

  35. marisela says

    I’ve made other cinnamon rolls before it always said to kneading for ten minutes then let stand to rise. I love to bake. I would like to make this rolls perfect.

  36. sam says

    Now i can satisfy my unbearable Cinnabon cravings! Just wanted to ask can the recipe be halved?
    Also whats your instagram id?

  37. Laurel says

    Easiest recipe and total delight!!!! Everyone loved them!!! I am in love with this recipe!!! You rock!!!

  38. Debbie says

    You mention letting it rise only after you put in the last of the bread ingredients but you don’t say to mix them in. Are you saying that you don’t mix in the flour, salt, baking soda, and baking powder? You just let it sit on top of the liquid for an hour? Or did you mean to write in that you stir it all together first?

  39. says

    In the ingredients you list “butter” & “melted butter”. Are these salted or unsalted butter? Or does it really matter?
    I’m eager to try out this recipe and want to make sure I have all the right ingredients before I start!

  40. Stacy says

    I read someone in a previous post said that Cinnabon puts lemon in their frosting so I tried it. I put two drops of lemon essential oil and it tastes AMAZING!

  41. says

    Thinking about making these at my place for Christmas Morning. This sounds silly, I know, but I don’t want to have these for days on end. My sister LOVES cinnamon buns on that day; I am tired of the name-labeled, trans-fatty cinnamon buns, so I want to do something different for my family when it comes to that. This has been a tradition of my father’s for multiple years, but I would like an update. If you can cut the recipe in half, that would be great!

  42. Marlinta says

    Just finished making these and they are delish!!!! Easy to follow directions. I used the kitchenaid mixer for the first part, perfection! Two full Pyrex 9×13 dishes worth of buns. I used margarine instead of butter for the icing (just because I ran out of butter) no problem.
    THANK YOU!!!!

  43. Shaaron says

    may I suggest you change the recipe to include instructions to stir the ingredients together? At first I just followed your picture of letting the dry ingredients sit on top of the wet ingredients, since your recipe said nothing about blending. About 5 minutes later I mixed everything together, thinking it couldn’t be right to just put ingredients in a bowl together. Now the dough seems chewy and is not rising. I’ve used yeast in a lot of recipes so I’m not sure why this recipe isn’t working for me.

  44. Michelle says

    These look delicious! I was wondering if it would be okay to make the dough in advance , like the night before, and just store it in the fridge overnight?

  45. Tim Kane says

    Rolls didn’t rise due to yeast being killed in cooling scalded milk. Wasn’t till after that I discovered milk liquid for yeast has to be between 100-110 degrees. After 20 minutes in oven outsides were perfectly brown and insides were extremely doughy. Will try again but more clear directions for recipe would make making these rolls much easier. The parts of the rolls that were cooked throughout were delicious.

  46. cathy says

    use a piece of plain dental floss to cut the rolls works really well. just slide the 12 inch piece underneth the roll to the spot where you want to cut, bring the end together and pull. it a trick i learn in culinary school.

  47. Jen says

    i followed instructions exactly and when I went to put everything in to make the dough and let rise it seems the consistency didn’t match up. Seems like there’s too much flower needed or used. Did I do something wrong? I mixed all ing and doesn’t look right . Looks too floury. Will this still rise?

  48. Natalie says

    This is the best cinnamon roll recipe ever!
    I have been using this recipe for the past year. I’ve made them for partys and even used them for fundraising. Everyone loves them.Thank you so much for posting this recipe!!

  49. julie says

    Can I make the icing ahead of time and refrigerate or freeze? I’m making things to put in my brothers freezer (new single father).


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