Easy Chicken & Cheese Enchilada’s Recipe

I have a few different recipes that I have used for chicken enchilada’s. Most of them have cream of chicken soup involved. This one does NOT, which is exciting and a reason to try it out!

You are going to need some chicken. There are so many different options for this. I tossed some in the oven for a bit and then found a kid to chop it up for me.

Can you believe that this “kid” is my oldest? He grew! I swear he looks like a man and I am not sure when that happened or that I like it very much. He is also taller than me, by a good few inches. He REALLY likes that!

O.K. back to the chicken. You can pull the meat off a rotisserie chicken, use canned, leftover from the grill, you name it, just chop it up!

Next, take some flour tortillas, and add about 1-2 T of chicken and about 1/4 or so cheese to each one. Roll them up tight and arrange in a 9×13. The recipe is for 1 dish, I make 2 because we like to eat! I sprinkled a little cheese on top.

Now, you make the white sauce with green chilies to go over the top.

Pour it all over. I topped with some cheese, green onions and black olives.

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These are the products that I use when making this dish: 


  1. kim sh says

    charlene at myfrugaladventures gave us a tip to shredd the chicken in your kitchenaid mixer i did it for her shredded chicken tacos recioe it was great worked like a charm who knew! but dont leave it to shred to long it will chop it up after while.

  2. Lindsey says

    I’ll have to make this as I’m trying to phase “cream of” soups out of our storage. I have some Zaycon chicken from the first group buy that I canned up that I may make this with. Kim sh is right, using the kitchen aide to shred chicken is like the BEST Pinterest tip ever. I was going to sell my KA after Dan got me a Bosch but I changed my mind. The KA now sits in my food storage room for the couple times a month that I shred chicken.

    I was going to let you know that I made your taco salad the other day when our stove was broken. I used ground beef and beans that I had canned a while ago (just nuked them) and it turned out so yummy! Dan told me it was just like the one that Karen makes.

    Anyway, thanks for posting these yummy recipes. You’ve figured out what I’m fixing for dinner. :)

  3. Beth says

    So shredding the chicken in a KA..you just use the regular mixing attachment? (hate to sound stupid but I don’t want to ruin my chicken!)

  4. beth says

    Thanks for the tip on shredding the chicken in a KitchenAid. Who knew?! This is one of my least my favorite jobs- right up there with emptying the dishwasher! Anyway, I made this recipe yesterday and froze it to take to the beach this weekend. It smells soooo good- can’t wait to taste it!

  5. Monica Y. says

    I made this tonight and it was a hit! I’m going to add some chopped onions next time, not sure what I could have done wrong but my sauce came out a little soupy?? It did appear to thicken up a little after sitting out for a few minutes. I am a huge fan of your blog, and I LOVE your recipes anxiously looking forward to your next food post 😀 oh, and I have YET to try the snickers brownie though I’m dying to try it lol

  6. Beth says

    I made this last summer and froze it to take to the beach for an easy dinner. It froze beautifully and everyone gobbled it down! Best of all, we had a great meal after a long day at the beach, and all I did was throw it in the oven. Fabulous!

  7. Samatha says

    You can also put cooked ground beef in our kitchen aid to get a finer texture. The extra step make s a huge difference.

  8. Kerri870 says

    I made this recipe today and my kids loved it (me too). We added some chili powder to the chicken and cheese inside the tortillas and I added a can of rotel instead of just green chilies. We like our food spicier here. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  9. Laura says

    This is a great recipe. I made one modification to the recipe. I added a small can of Herdez salsa verde. Half of the can was mixed in with the chicken filling. The other half was added to the enchilada sauce.

  10. kristen says

    Making this now, I just put in the oven. I scroll down and I read that you use a rice maker in your process. Did I miss something and is there rice in this meal? I reread many times and do not see rice anywhere…

  11. Rebecca says

    I prepping meals for the week. And I’m wondering if I pour sauce on the tortillas now and let sit until dinner time (5 hours from now)…do u guys think the tortillas would get too soggy?

  12. DeAnn says

    Would love to pin on pinterest, but my little grammar nazi heart won’t let me. It’s enchiladas, not enchilada’s.

  13. Amanda says

    Just a quick question for someone who knows more than me.im very new to cooking, but am loving making freezer meals. If I make this to freeze, would I put the sauce on and freeze or freeze the sauce separately?


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