Safeway/Randalls: $5 Friday + Loadable Coupon Info

Today is $5 Friday at Randalls and Safeway stores! They always have some really good deals! Did you know if you load the $5 Friday deals to your Randalls card in the Just 4 U program you get the deals all weekend long?

When you go to the Just 4 U site, and click on the “your club specials” add all the $5 ones onto your card and they are good all weekend long!

If you are using the Just 4 U program, I need you to pay attention….

If you go the coupon center and add those coupons to your card, the ones that are coupons,  you will NOT BE ABLE TO PRINT THEM from your computer. Once they are added to your card they are considered printed!!!

Why is this a problem:

1. I want more then 1 coupon. On I can print 2. I only get 1 online.

2. Digital coupons DON’T double or triple! Randalls is the only place I have to double or triple my coupons, I want paper coupons  that I can do that with!

3. If you have a digital coupon and a paper coupon for the same item, the digital one comes off first and you won’t be able to use the paper coupon. This is a problem because what if I had wanted my paper coupon to double? Now I can’t even use it.

Basically for me, I use the “personalized deals” and the “club specials” in the Just 4 U program, I avoid everything else!

See all the Safeway/Randalls deals HERE.


  1. Melissa Andrade says

    I had the worst experience EVER the first and last time I went to my Randalls. The cashier didnt let me use ANY of my coupons because she said I had already uploaded them to the just 4 u program. Which was a lie because I had just gotten the card at customer service before I shopped. She insisted that the coupon amounts were taken off. I look at my reciept and everything was regular price!! I had to go to customer service and have the person their give me my coupons off of my purchase. I ended up with $18 back! I think that just 4 u is just for them to scam you into thinking you got a good deal in reality you are paying regular price. I feel bad for the people that dont take the time to pay attention to their reciepts. Sorry for the long comment! I guess I needed to vent! LOL!

  2. Jan says

    Why do they make their receipts so difficult to figure out?! I think it’s done so that we cannot dispute the price without sounding like idiots. I have gotten some really good deals using J4U — but also have gotten screwed because I’ve loaded a coupon and then can’t use the paper coupon which would have doubled.

  3. Barbara C says

    Thanks for your help on this. Randalls receipts are a pain. I’ll do like you said personalized deals & your club specials. Shortcuts are not being used by Randalls now, & if have their e-coupon can not use paper coupons & so you save less because coupons are not doubled.

  4. Barbara C says

    Just took another look at pg2 of coupon center is where you load the Friday deals, pg 4 had a lot of Safeway brands & pg 9 had a lot of Safeway brands.Just need to be very picky because if load it can’t use paper coupon & won’t double . I used to have to put in my password on the Randalls website to load their coupons but when I joined just for you
    it made me pick another password.

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