Kroger: Turkey for $.24 / lb!

Nikki, just sent me a picture of her 23 lb turkey, that her husband paid $5.66 for! Kroger is running a special where with a $20 purchase you can get a deal on a Turkey.

This is what the ad says:

It says $.59 a pound. EVERY Kroger in my area is pricing the turkeys at $.24 a pound! If you are needing a turkey, I would head on over to Kroger!

If you are interested in frying a turkey, Paul just posted directions HERE. 

You can see more Kroger deals HERE for this week to get to your $20 limit.


  1. layla says

    I live in Cypress….Do you know if any Kroger’s in this area are pricing at .24 c/lb before I venture out in the madness tomorrow?

  2. says

    I’m thrilled for you guys! Unfortunately, the Louisville division has them at .79/lb without any purchase requirement. Other stores in our area have them for about the same price, but we have to buy $20-$50 first. Kroger is still better, but I wish we had THIS deal! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  3. Juneaugurl2 says

    Our Fred Meyers has a spend $150 you get a FREE turkey! Wish I could just spend $20 and get a cheap one instead! Or if you spend $100 it’s $.59/lb

  4. Shannon says

    I almost want to change out of my pj’s and run up to Kroger to see if our has it. I’m in Alvin so I hope we have the deal too!

  5. June says

    I was at the Gosling store tonight and they definitely had the sign up. Probably trying to compete with HEB. The store was pretty dead at 8pm. Randall’s on the other hand, still has their turkeys priced at 49cents. I went there tonight too.

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