Kroger General Mills Catalina Deals!

One deal that I am really excited for with the new Kroger ad is the Buy 5 Get a $5 GM Catalina because we seriously need some cereal!!

* Ok and what was with the Kroger ad last week? It really stunk!

Anyway, there are some GREAT deals to be had this week and after I get in the store today I will be posting even more!

This catlaina will “roll” and you can do 4 in a transaction , so that means 20 of the GM items at a time and get 4 catalina’s back. * This is going to be a GREAT sale, time to stock up on a few things! 

I am off to the store to see what all unadvertised I can find! I will get those up ASAP!


  1. Barbara C says

    I read on another blog where Kroger add runs Sun thru Sat it also includes green giant chips & Betty Crocker cake mix. I hope it includes rice a roni, pasta roni & Betty Crocker mac & cheese like last October

    • Tiffany says

      If it is the same one that we had last year which they all seem to be repeating themselves then they should be. Thank you for the heads up. I am just about in the store and will check for your car our southwest region

  2. Casey says

    An I able to purchase the 4 and then the Catalina’s will print and then go do a seller ate transaction for my other groceries and use the Catalina’s on that transaction? Or is there some sort of restriction for the Catalina’s?

  3. holly says

    if i get 20 boxes of cheerios how many coupons can i use?

    Example. COuld i use one $1/2 and two 75cents off one on two boxes?

  4. heather says

    if I can do 20 items in 1 transaction and get 4 cats back , can I do a second transaction and get 4 more cats?

  5. Barbara C says

    Also Kroger digital includes several of these items also saving star, cellfire & upromise, also up north included these GM cereals fiber one, chex ,golden grahams, Honey Nut cheerios medley
    Tiffany – Great job rolling & Friday remember to download free Tostitos chips or salsa

  6. Tara says

    Tiffany, has anyone confirmed if we can roll the cats into another transaction for promotional items? Thanks for all you do btw!!!!


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