Kroger: Christmas Clearance 75% off – Skylanders, Mr.Coffee, Thomas and More!

Kroger Christmas Clearance

Kroger has all the Christmas items marked at 75% off today! This is the back of my car this morning! I ws able to stock up on gifts for birthdays for a long time!

My store had Batman, Barbie, Skylanders, and Thomas items all 75% off! Plus, the Christmas candy is 50% off and all the cards, wrapping paper and more are all 75% off.

I grabbed a Mr Coffee K-Cup maker that was $89.99 for only $22.50. They have Rubbermade sets also 75% off.

I am sure all the clearance items will be different at each store but it is fun to check out what each store has!


  1. sara says

    I was there this morning and didnt know about the deal but i saw them marking everything down. The stompees which my daughter has wanted forever where 75% off along with barbie, candyland and lots of other stuff :)

  2. says

    I’m jealous of those Skylanders! I was at our Kroger yesterday and they weren’t on sale. :( I’m hoping because our ads start on Thursday that maybe tomorrow they will go on sale (the other Christmas items were at 50%) Great haul!

  3. Shannon S. says

    I found the coffee maker at the Alvin Kroger store and bought myself one so I’m pretty happy. thanks for sharing!

  4. Marie says

    The coffee makers were regular price at my local Kroger and Christmas was only 50% off. Maybe they will mark down later today or soon.

    • Tiffany says

      I didn’t ask her which Kroger as I have readers all over the country. Plus I am sure there won’t be the same things left. All grocery stores are clearanced right now, just check your stores and see what good deals they have!

  5. michael says

    went to 3 krogers in the league city area…christmas stuff was marked down but all coffee makers were full price

  6. Leta says

    I missed all of the great coffee maker deals at my Kroger, but I did find large containers of Gerber good start formula in the clearance bins at the front of the store for $10 off! It was the Kroger on Rayford.

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