Pick Your Own Blueberries in Houston – Pioneer Blueberry Farm

pick your own blueberries in Houston

:: Repost from last year ::

For 20 years we have been going to pick blueberries north of Houston at Pioneer Blueberry Farm. It is a small family farm owned by the Harger family.

Over the past years we got to know Ed, and his dogs and looked forward to seeing them every June for berries.

Sadly, two years ago Ed passed away but his 17 year old granddaughter was there today running everything. She was really cute and fun!

Pioneer Blueberry Farm

When we go picking, we get up early and leave the house as the sun is coming up so that we stay out of the heat of the day. Pioneer opens at 6:30 am. We try and be there by 8am.

This weekend coming up, Father’s Day weekend, should be the height of the season.

The berries are the best you can find, they have 4 different varieties, the smaller ones have the most flavor and the bigger ones that are SUPER juicy!

We pack water bottles, and sunscreen some might want bug spray, but I usually don’t use it. The berries are NOT treated with any pesticides. They have buckets for you.

The first trip of the year I usually don’t have any to freeze, the kids will probably eat them all today and my husband will finish them off tonight! Have you ever changed the diaper of a 2 year old who had eaten 3 lbs of blueberries? Interesting. Very interesting.

When I do freeze the berries, I flash freeze them. Do not wash them first or they will become a mushy mess. Place them on a cookie sheet with sides and freeze them for about an hour, then dump them in ziplock bags and they will not stick together so you can scoop them out.

Andie Picking Blueberries

What I love so much about Pioneer ( I do not like Moorehead!) is that the bushes are smaller and so the kids can pick berries easily. At Moorhead, I found that they were always too picked over and the berries were so far up the bushes that the kids were not able to pick very many. Which means then they complain because they are board. Which means then they bug the crap out of me :)

Pioneer Blueberry Farm

Pioneer Blueberry Farm:
Take 1-45 north almost to Conroe, exit loop 336 south and go right or east at the light. Take 336 east until you come to 105. There is a gas station and McDonalds at the corner. Take a right and go east. At this point set your odometer! Take 105 east for 8.6 miles. You will be looking for a little street sign that says Pioneer Lane. Turn left on Pioneer Lane. Ed Harger’s blueberry farm is about 1.2 miles down on the right side. He is open sunrise to sunset every day. Blueberries are $2.25 a pound this year, he uses no pesticides.

Pioneer Farm Houston

We picked 2 buckets worth in about an hour, each bucket held around 10 pound. I should say *I* picked most of it as the kids ate blueberries and ran around.

I like to set my bucket on the ground and squat down looking up at the branches. I use 2 hands and pull the berries off and drop into the bucket. The bigger ones always seem to be on the underside of the branches in clusters. OR I will prop the bucket in the tree and pull the berries into the bucket that way. It just depends on how full the bushes are.

Pioneer Berries 
2512 Pioneer Lane
Cleveland TX 77328
Closed Sunday  – Open till the berries are done or July 4th

* Call ahead to make sure they are open for the year!


  1. Nickie says

    Do we bring our own buckets?
    And thank you so much for posting this! I have been looking for a good blueberry farm.

  2. Shelley C says

    Wow good price. I went blueberry picking last Wed. at a place in Hockley, TX. It was $3.25 lb–but it is close & they are great. We had blueberry pancakes, muffins, & today smoothies. I plan to go back & do a few pies next & maybe jam.

    • Kathy says

      Can you provide more info about the place in Hockley? Not looking to drive to Cleveland, though this place sounds great.

  3. Connie P says

    I can’t believe it! This is only about a mile from me and I never saw it. Guess I’m going to have to go and check it out.

  4. Ashley says

    How long will it take you to eat all those berries, there’s a ton! Good for you as berries are very healthy. Good Mommy!!

  5. Anonymous says

    The place we go here in PA has these nifty buckets that you can wear over the shoulder or around your neck for hands-free picking. They won’t be ready for a little while yet because of our lousy weather, but we’re looking forward to it!

      • Anonymous says

        Sorry, I didn’t see this until just now! Don’t know where Abington is, but “our” place is near Pymatuning, Crawford County. hth!

  6. Tasha says

    Anyone that went recently know how well “stocked” they are. Planning on going Monday morning and just wanted to make sure they have enough to pick :-) meant to call today and the day got away from me.

  7. The Hargers at Pioneer Berries says

    Tiffany, thank you for the wonderful comments about our farm. We are working hard to continue many of Ed’s traditions while making improvements. We are so glad that you can bring your children out to pick on a regular basis. Thanks again and God Bless!!

  8. Michelle says

    I can’t wait to go here in upstate NY :) The season doesn’t start until July. It’s strawberry pickin’ time though!

  9. Selina says

    They only accept cash or check. I just happened to have some cash on my the day we went…it was pure luck! We had a blast and are busy enjoying :)

  10. Andrea says

    I just called, and they open on Monday (6/2/14), and the price is $2.50 a pound. Still a great deal!

    • Susan Harger says

      Just wanted to let everyone know that we have tons of berries this year and they look fantastic! We invite everyone to come out while the berries are plentiful. You may call the berry hotline for more information at 936 537 0446. We thank all of our loyal customers who faithfully come out every year.

      • Vira says

        Are you open on July 3rd & July 4th 2014? I would love to pick lots of blueberries. Please give me some advice on what to bring & what to wear. Also do you accept cc or cash/checks etc. Is the price $2.50/lb.

    • Tiffany Ivanovsky says

      Vira I would call the phone number and ask to make sure they still have berries. Have fun!

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