New Teflon Technique Cast Iron Pan Review + Giveaway!

This month is national egg month. Did you know that? I think I did at one time but completely forgot! The people over at Dupont want 1 MyLitter reader to win a Teflon Cast Iron pan to cook eggs in!

The Technique 3 Quart 11″ Lightweight Cast Iron Open Everyday Pan is coated with DuPont™ Teflon® Scratchguard Ultra, so it is safe to use with metal utensils. Some additional benefits include even and energy efficient heating; all the benefits of easy cleanup; it’s dishwasher safe; and it’s available in 3 colors (not to mention it has a 5-star rating on QVC ). 

We had the chance to try one, and I let the big kids try it out! They make eggs all the time for a snack after school (strange kids I know!) and Emma made some for the kids for breakfast.

I asked her for a review and she was impressed with how easy the eggs came off the pan, we had a fun talk about the difference between this pan and a cast iron pan and the amount of butter needed to make eggs.

Then, I asked her to take a few pictures for me and tell the story of her making the kids breakfast.

For using a real camera and not a cell phone it was an adjustment :) But he did a great job!

Her favorite part is the fun color of the red pan! Not “boring” like our other dishes!

She also captured the best moment when the littlest stole someones eggs!

Then he got her back!

If you are looking for more ways to win, you can check out  Farberware’s FB page, they are offering a chance to win a Triple Pack of pans until May 20th.


Flash giveaway today! Leave a comment letting us know what your favorite cookware is, and 1 lucky MyLitter reader will win a Technique 3 Quart 11″ Lightweight Cast Iron Open Everyday Pan!  Giveaway will close at 9pm tonight, Friday may 17th. Winner will be picked by and announced tonight at 10pm.


  1. Tami Babin says

    My favorite cookware is the cookware that someone else is cooking in instead of me! :) But I seriously could use a new pan!! Hope I win!!

  2. Tami Babin says

    My favorite cookware is the cookware that someone else is cooking in instead of me! :) But I seriously could use a new pan!! Hope I win!!

  3. Jenifer says

    I would love to try this out. My cookware is pretty sad at the moment. So I dont really have a favorite.

  4. Jenifer says

    I would love to try this out. My cookware is pretty sad at the moment. So I dont really have a favorite.

  5. Heather says

    I just got a pressure cooker and am so excited to try it out, it says it will cook a whole chicken in under 15 minutes.

  6. Nicole C says

    I just have a mismatch, but I do like non-stick so you don’t have to use as much oil, butter, etc. Would love to own this pan :)

  7. Megan Davey says

    My favorite pieces are hard anodized pieces. I gravitate towards them when cooking. I do not enjoy things sticking to the pan! No bueno

  8. michelle m says

    I like the Emeril cookware. It doesn’t stick, but I would like to try something different. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Lora says

    Great giveaway!

    My current favorite cookware is a plug-in electric skillet . . . less mess on my stovetop.

  10. Caro says

    My favorite cookware is the spatula. I have like 3 different kinds, and I love them. They’re so useful

  11. Jena says

    Can I please have this pan? My dad loves to cook in cast iron but I have shied away from it since its a pain to clean. Looks like this is the pan for me!

  12. Kelley J says

    I have hand me down cookware for the most part. My favorite is a pan of my mother’s. I think of her every time I use it. I’d love a cast iron pan.

  13. Brandy says

    Honestly, we’ve just come out of a financial struggle so I’m just now about to actually BUY pots and pans so unfortunately, I haven’t established a favorite yet but plan to start my collection this summer.

  14. Mayra C says

    I love my Kitchen Aid Knives I have my kitchen set in RED so this pan will be a great addition thanks for the giveaway and for the fun stories you post!

  15. Mallory says

    Any pan deep enough to cook a meal in and non-stick. Bonus if it’s dishwasher safe!!! Could use a new pan for sure :)

  16. Chantel Bailey says

    I love cast iron but can’t convience my husband that it’s actually clean since you don’t “wash” it.

  17. Maritza R. says

    I would love to try this pan! I just bought a new house and this would be a great addition to my empty kitchen. :)

  18. Nadya says

    My favorite the past several months is a shiny red cast iron skillet with lid I picked up before Christmas. Goes from the burner to the oven and it’s so pretty!

  19. Lisa Higgins says

    I love my Princess House Cookware a lot, but could really use a new pan!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Jen C says

    We just switched to Fiesta pots and pans, because we LOVE Fiesta bakeware and dishes. So far, I’ve been very happy with them. And they are red – so this would complement perfectly! For bacon, though, it’s always cast iron.

  21. Lisa says

    My favorite cookware is my giant stainless steel pan because I can cook meat and then add some liquid to reduce it and scrape all the tasty bits up for a yummy sauce or gravy! I am always in need of a new non-stick for eggs over easy; I would love to find one that stays slippery new for more than a couple of months. :)

  22. Patricia H says

    The Technique 3 Quart 11? Lightweight Cast Iron Open Everyday Pan could become my favorite cookware :) I would like to try this!

  23. blanca l. says

    I would love to win this !!! My favorite cookware is this pan I have from circulon my mom bought it for me .

  24. Peggy says

    I loved my Pampered Chef pizza stone but it “disappeared” when my 25 yr son moved out. Would love to get this new pan.

  25. Kathy says

    I don’t really have a favorite cookware because I don’t really cook but my husband would love this

  26. Diane says

    I don’t really cook much but I do cook eggs! I love eggs and so what I have is your average 8″ pan to cook them in. My husband, and 6 month old live with my parents and two brothers (to make ends meet) so a nice piece of cookware would come greatly in hand for the large family! We’d love to try it out! Thank you for the opportunity to leave a comment.

  27. Rosie M. says

    I prefer anything that’s non stick. I’m a stay at home Mom and I’m in the kitchen at least three times a day. I would love to try this pan!

  28. Kerri870 says

    My husband and I like cast iron, but it’s not the best for everything. We would love to try this one out.

  29. Barbara C says

    My favorite is a deep non-stick T-Fal pan I got on clearance at Kroger last year. I would love to win this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Barbara C says

    My favorite is a deep non-stick T-Fal pan I got on clearance at Kroger last year. I would love to win this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Norma B says

    My favorite piece is the cast-iron pan to cook eggs, pancakes, french toast, etc. Would love to win. Thank you

  32. Anonymous says

    My favorite pan is any analon or circulon non stick pot or pan…makes clean up so much easier. I would love to win this pan.


  33. Jess D says

    My favorite cookware is my crockpot!!!!! It gets used weekly!!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  34. Anne says

    Absolutely adorable pictures! I have heard this isn’t your average cookware! I long to try it out!

  35. sandy weinstein says

    i agree w/ the first comment, that fav is someone’s else’s cooking in….however, mine is anything that i can nuke in….since i dont cook much for me, but for my dogs for than me….

  36. bev says

    Right now we’re using some older Caphalon pans that could use some serious replacing…not to mention this pan would be awesome to fry eggs on once our new chicks start laying eggs!!! =D

  37. Angela says

    Caphalon but it didn’t last / hold up as long as i would have liked and we took very good care of it.

  38. Ladonna says

    My favorite cookware is Farberware and my cast iron skillets. I wish I had a huge skillet, like I’ve seen in the cheaper brands at Sam’s Club though.

  39. Tonya says

    It really depends on what I’m cooking. Cast iron for frying & Teflon for anything I want to slide right out of the pan.

  40. Keisha says

    My favorite cookware are a set of stainless steel pans that I have with copper bottoms. I’ve had them so long, and I don’t even know what brand they are LOL. But you can’t cook anything in them that sticks, so this one looks awesome!

  41. Kristi D. says

    I really love my Kitchen Aid non-stick set. I’ve had Cuisinart before and I liked that set as well. As long as my food doesn’t stick and it cleans up easy I’m happy!

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