How did you save this past week? {I saved $55 and made $50!}

Ok, it is Monday… Time to start thinking about what you are going to do this week to save $50 or make an extra $50. Please share with others in the comments to help encourage and motivate each other that YOU can do it!

If you want to re-read my Fiscal Cliff survival guide, it is over HERE.

How did I save this past week: 

  • 2 nights came home and ate dinner when it would have been easier to eat out. SAVED $40
  • Bought kids softball cleats at resale shop instead of brand new. SAVED $15
  • Sold brand new cowboy boots on Craigslist that were gathering dust in my closet. They were a gift and didn’t fit right. MADE $50

There were a few more little things that I did this week that seem silly to post about, but I saved some money in a few other places by just walking away!

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How did you save some money this past week??


  1. Kimberly Adkins says

    Have you checked out some of the Facebook resale pages? Several created by friends are:

    Woodlands Bazaar
    Moms of The Woodlands

    I prefer eBay because I don’t have to meet up with people but these are good local sites.

  2. Anna says

    Your menu-planning tip kept us eating at home for two weeks now! We typically eat out or order carryout food twice a week – without those we saved at least $70 this week.

  3. Ashley says

    I made my frapps at home 5 days this week so that was $20.00 and then I took some stuff to the baby store and got $15.00.I bought two pairs of jeans for a dollar there , and they were nice :)Thank you for the inspiration !!!

  4. Marie says

    I have so many nice things that I would love to try and sell on Craigslist but am scared. Things that I wouldn’t want to try and list on ebay. If I could just get up the nerve and get over my fears.

  5. Kelly Thompson, LMT says

    I am not totally comfortable listing things on Craigslist either, so I tell them they have to pick up at a certain time when either my husband or neighbors are home. Maybe you can do that too Marie

  6. Beth says

    Kelly and Marie- if you want to try Craigslist, only publish a cell number and then agree to meet at a public place such as Starbucks. I only take cash and don’t give my last name. I’ve had no problems. I normally don’t even give a cell, just an email. It’s worked for me:)

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