Your Fiscal Cliff Survival Guide Launches MONDAY Morning!

I am so VERY excited to announce a new series and money saving plan, that I have been working on for a few week here on MyLitter.

Who had about $100 more come out of their paycheck this past Friday? Me! About 70% of us did according to the statics online. ┬áThat $2500 a year that I will be missing hurts, even though it is a little at a time. It adds up and I don’t know about you, but I needed a $2500 RAISE not deduction!

What if I told you my new mission is to help YOU make up that $200 each month painlessly, and have some fun along the way?

Monday on Houston’s Fox 26, I will be explaining my plan and how I can help you find an extra $200 each month. Make sure to either watch live or check back here Monday morning at 9am CST to join me and 1,000’s of others as we work together and painlessly get back that $200 in our pockets!


  1. Kim says

    I’m a public school teacher in Tx. They have cut our pay the last 3 years. I am very interested in how I can save, because I sure don’t need to lose any more!!

  2. says

    Hi Tiffany,
    I first “met” your family when watching Extreme Couponing and really enjoy your blog. I am in Sunny SoCal and we too are taking a hit. I have a little blog-in-training that is focused on supporting our local non-profits through couponing. This past January we filled a local food pantry and February’s project is a haul for our local pet adoption center. I am telling you all of this because the financial hit we have taken this year is going to affect my ability to give like I am…but I hope that through “Your Fiscal Cliff” I can learn a few tricks to help keep my donation projects on track. Are the topics you are blogging about here what would be seen on the live show? I don’t want to miss out! :-)
    P.S. Your family is adorable!

    • Tiffany says

      Thank you very much! Yes, that is what is going to happen to so many non-profits! It is really sad. Bless you for helping like you do!

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