How to shop a Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale!

victorias secret semi annual sale

We are getting ready for the Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sale. If you like to shop VS but find it pricy, this is the time to think about checking them out!

When is the Semi-Annual Sale:
There are 2 Semi-Annual Sales yearly. Typically they will start in May (online) and June (in-store) or December/early January (online) and January (in-store).

There are a few tips to shopping this sale and few things that you need to know. First, the sale starts with items about 50% off. BUT, they will be marking items lower a few days later all the way down to 75% or more. If you take a look at your receipt you will see that they have a “price adjustment” policy which means if the price goes LOWER within 14 days of purchasing your item they will give you back the difference.

What does this mean for you? 

  • Get in their early, shop, and then follow these directions:
  • Shop within the first few days of the sale. This is when all the good sizes ( XS, S, M,L ), and the good colors are available.
  • Realize that you are buying the item hoping it will go lower then the 50% off. You might have to out the money out ahead of time and then be willing to return it if it doesn’t go lower.
  • Head into your store a few times. They out items on sale at different times and bring our more items throughout the sale. The first few days are items they want to get rid of fast. Such as a lot of the PINK items and college items.
  • Save EVERYTHING. Leave the tags on the clothes and leave them in the bag WITH the receipts. You don’t know if you will be returning it, and you need to have your receipts.
  • Check back at your store in the last few days of the sale and see when they go 75% off! Every store is different as to what is the last day of their sale. I am GUESSING that they will be marking down more items around January 9th this year.
  • If you purchased your items within 14 days of the day your store going 75% off, all you will need to do, is take in your receipt, go to the register and ask for a price adjustment. They scan the receipt and give you a refund for any price difference between then and now! It’s super easy and takes no more than 10 mins depending on how much you bought.
  • If your purchase exceeds 14 days you need to take all the unworn clothing and your receipts back with you. You will do a full return, and get a full refund. Then repurchase all the items back at the 75% off price!
  • HEADS UP: Sometimes at the 75% off time, occasionally an item will go back to full price! Be aware of this while making a return or price adjustment, you will need to pay attention. If you are ok paying the price you did, keep it. If not, return it.

Some cashiers get grouchy about doing the price adjustment, you are not doing anything wrong, just look at the back of your receipt for the details and maybe remind them at this is their policy.

* Also you can NOT use coupons with this sale. Just a heads up.

Here are a few more tips: 

  • The sale starts online first, in fact it has already started but is much better in-store.
  • The first day is CRAZY, just be prepared for madness in the store.
  • If you like matching sets, get those first. They will sell out.
  • The winter sale is always better then the summer sale. Just my opinion…

Let us know what you find and feel free to ask any questions. We are a community here and can help each other!


  1. MissyLovesSales says

    Where does it state that we can not use coupons with this sale? I received $10 off a $50 purchase by completing a survey I got on a receipt from a purchase in December. The survey coupon does not say it is not valid on the semi-annual sale. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    • MissyLovesSales says

      I can confirm that at the VS in Braintree, MA, you are able to use the survey receipt coupon when purchasing the items in the semi-annual sale. I had 2 coupons and did 2 separate transactions (with my friend). Great selections. Save the receipts! Thanks Tiffany.

    • Maria says

      You are actually not supposed to use the survey coupon but certain cashiers will be nice and take it anyway. In the back of the receipt it states that it cannot be combined with any other offers or sales.

  2. Christy says

    Hi! I was wondering does anyone know if more merchandise is brought into the stores for the sale? I was in one at the mall on Friday and the pajamas were limited as well as lot of other items. Thanks in advance! Christy

  3. Monica says


    Just FYI (as I was recently a store manager at VS), you cannot return items that are past the 14 day price adjustment policy and simply rebuy them. This is still considered a price adjustment. Most often, stores will hold returned product for 24 hours. If you suggestion were allowed, the store wouldn’t need a price adjustment policy!

    • Maria says

      Actually they do this for me at my Victoria’s Secret so it really just depends on who’s working, they are all very nice and easy going at my store and always pull strings when I need them too, just sayin!

  4. Michelle says

    I purchased my items today with a Visa Gift card, will I be able to still do the price adjustment if I don’t have the card anymore? I accidentally trashed it today :( can they just give me cash ?

    • Tiffany says

      Thats a great question! I have not tried before. They make it really hard to return items from online so I am going to guess it might not be worth it.

      • Kit says

        VS makes it super easy to return items purchased online. I’m not familiar with the price adjustment thing, but if I need to return/exchange anything I bought online, I simply bring it into the store.

  5. says

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR ADVICE!!!!!! i did what you told me about the price adjustment and saved $40.00. i never knew about this and several years in a raw i could have saved so much money. i really appreciate you taking the time to put this info online.

  6. Katy says

    This is absolutely amazing. I was thinking of doing this since before the sale started but I thought I was the only one and felt bad LOL now I feel good knowing others are doing it as well. I’m heading in tomorrow, hopefully I get some money back 😉

  7. Helen says

    I was able to use the survey coupons last yr but this yr they wouldn’t let me & I have 3. Maybe I will try another store

  8. Vanessa Hawthorne says

    You CAN use your birthday coupon if you are lucky enough to have your birthday fall into the semi annual sale months. There is nowhere on the coupon that says you can’t.

  9. alicval says

    Do you know how low prices go on beauty items such as body lotions and body mists? Cause i have to travel from mexico to get the best prices so the trip is worth it, just askings because past times i’ve been not getting good enough prices.. thank you

    • Anonymous says

      The prices usually fall to around $3 for the body products with certain items being just 50-75% off like the self tanning products they carry but still turning out to be about 5-7 bucks maybe cheaper toward the end of the sale but with less of a selection. Hope this helps.

      • alicval says

        so as if i buy something before the semi annual within the 14 days i can still go for a price adjustement an get low prices of the semi annual??? thank you so much this blog is really reaally helpfull !!

  10. Alexis says

    Hi. I was wondering if by now you knew when precisely the semiannual summer sale will start online.


    • Toni says

      I got a notification in the mail, for card holders it starts promptly at 7am on June 10th. However i believe the online sale started already! This is gonna be my first time shopping the sale with the 14 day policy, wish me luck:)

  11. Sarah says

    As someone who works at VS, please DO NOT buy an item and return it later on only because you got it at 50% off, not 70% off. There wasn’t a problem with your purchase, you liked your item and it’s a hassle to do a return during, or even at the end, of a big sale. If you want to buy your item at 50% off, buy it and do not complain when it doesn’t get any cheaper. 50% off an item is still a lot of money saved.

    • Tiffany Ivanovsky says

      Sorry it is inconvenient for you Sarah, but per the VS policy it is acceptable to get the difference on a sale item.

      • Sarah says

        I’m not talking about the price adjustment, I’m talking about flat out returning the item because you can’t get a better price. It’s rude and you’re wasting everybody’s time-the sales associate and the customers in line that actually want to spend money.

        • SM says

          I don’t think its wise for a retail sales associate to advise the general public that making returns are ‘rude’. They chose to spend their money at your store above all others. If a customer wants a price adjustment, your company’s policy says they can have it. If a customer wants to return something, your company’s policy says they can return it. That’s called purchasing power. Making a return is not rude to neither the associate nor the customers. The associate agreed to uphold the company’s policy’s and appropriately represent them. Every customer is in line to get a deal. Your advice just makes it easier for the customer to go to another store. If you think doing a hassle is a return, then maybe retail isn’t for you. As someone who worked for Limited Brands, it’s really rude to make customers feel bad for employing policies you’re supposed to follow. Period.

    • says

      For someone who works for VS you are certainly rude!! How dare you!! You are like the rest of the idiots that work at the store who need not to represent VS with that attitude. If someone wants to return it what is your business.

      • Sarah says

        It’s my business because you’re returning an item that has no defect. Buying an item and returning it because you couldn’t get a bigger discount hurts a stores sales and offsets our sales goals.

        • Anny says

          Wow you are incredibly rude. What store do you work at? So I know never to visit there! Maybe your store does poorly in sales because of your bad attitude.

          • SM says

            I wonder if she knows that the way you treat a customer during returns impacts their perception of the company’s customer service, and affects their decision to return to the store at all. Not to mention word of mouth. Bad attitudes to contribute to poor sales. You are absolutely right.

      • Jenny says

        Anyone know when the items are marked down further? I got some good deals on Jan 2, just wondering if someone could post when the prices are lowered again…

    • Cris says

      Wow! I hope nobody is actually taking that horrible advice. As a customer service rep (Insert persons name here) it is your job by definition to make the customer happy and to do what it takes not only to make a sale but to keep the customer continually buying from VS over the long term. You are employed to make sales and to do returns. This is a hassle?? Really. It’s what you get paid to do. Im not sure how that is a waste of time. As for myself, Nothing is a waste of my time if I’m getting paid to do it. I call it productivity. A waste of time is, in contrast, NOT doing something when one should be.

      This thread board Was created specifically to help others learn how to benefit from policies that are perfectly legit and in place for a reason. This economy is not ideal and its wise to be thrifty when making financial purchases…because most people don’t have money falling out their back end. Why be tacky to people for maximizing their purchasing power? Unless you are also a financial advisor Its probably best to refrain from telling people how to spend their money. My question is do you actually have a problem with someone making a return if that’s what pleases them or is your main concern being that you simply don’t want to do the work involved ?

  12. Rachel says

    To receive the price adjustment before the 14 day expiration, do you have to bring the product back in? Ie: should I wait to wear the product? I will not be returning it if it does not go on sale.

    • says

      from what i have read online, you are allowed one price adjustment. perhaps this is per receipt? I hope so, because i have 2 orders i would like to try this on!

  13. Alicia says

    Yes, they do price adjustments on online orders as well. I just called and got an adjustment for my online purchase. :-)

  14. Autumn says

    Does anyone know how low the bras will go down to? Is it 15.99 or 19.99 for the last week? Does swim stuff go down anymore too? I also heard that they are discontinuing their makeup line so stock up!

        • Samantha says

          I used to work for VS and they told us every year that they may not do the additional discount, but they always did. It is generally 2 weeks after the sale starts. Someone else asked earlier about adjustments on items you bought before the sale started- the merch marked down for the sale is not the regular stuff you find in the store. It is discounted items that are shipped specifically for SAS (unless the store still had it in backstock). So in theory you could get a price adjustment, but chances are your items won’t have been marked down.

  15. says

    i bought bras for 36$ and up for the sale, and now i see them cheaper, same with underwear, i bought it online, can i just take the reciept to the store for the price adjustment?

  16. scarlet says

    Hi has anyone actuallu found a store that is lowering the 50% off and lower the bras in the semi annual sale. I know monday is the last day ans I asked at my store and they said they are not doing that this time?

    • Bambie says

      I have been calling the stores in my area and one of the store associates said that they don’t think they will have an additional mark down for this year’s spring sale. Which is dumb because the stores in Omaha are still filled with merchandise.

    • Barbara says

      I found one store that lowered all sale bras to $19.99 a few days ago, and another that had the VS sleepwear (not PINK) at an additional 50% off already as well. I spoke with an associate who said that each store gets emails from corporate authorizing further discounts at different times. I believe all stores should discount bras and do the 50% additional on sleepwear once the sale ends.

  17. Rachel says

    I found VS loungewear/sleepwear (not PINK) an additional 50% off. Beauty also went 75% off. There are NO additional discounts on Bras, Panties, or PINK right now and today is the last day of the sale.

    I was really hoping to score some good sports bra’s at a great price too since there is a TON of stuff left. So disappointed. :(

  18. Emily says

    Do you know if the sale still goes on after it officially “ends”? Like if the store didn’t sell everything it had, doesn’t it usually carry on until they’ve sold everything?

    • Bambie says

      At the January sale I went on the last day and the sales associate said that everything that isn’t sold that day goes to the Victoria’s Secret outlets. I think that the stores get to pick the end day of the sales because of the three VS in my area one had a set date and the other two I called said the sale ended when they ran out of merchandise.

  19. NadZaru says

    Girls, if you are using your $10 off a $50 purchase for taking survey, the sales rep must apply at $10 off to your price adjustment total. That is how i always get my baithing suits for free (i only pay sales tax). Ex: if a baithingsuit top is $60 on sale, you use you $10 off $50. So you pay $50+tax. All the baithingsuits always go down to $9.99. When you do your price adjustment you will get $40 back. However, since you used your $10 survey coupon, you get the item FOR FREE but you must pay the sales tax! Any question??? Trust me. I do this at every sale.

    • Tarr says

      I am surprised your VS still does it on the total, mine has for a while taken the 10 off 50 and averaged it over the cost of items bought. If I were to have bought the $60 swim top and used a 10 off 50, I would have paid $50 because they take it directly off the item price. So if I did a PA when the price falls to 9.99, yes I will get 40.01 back but still will have paid the 9.99 plus tax. So no free here for me.

  20. smith says

    But if u actually look at it you paid 10 plus tax for the panty.the same price u would have paid if it was on clearance. Your price was 60 plus tax but u paid 50 plus your hard money is 50 plus tax. You get back 40 of your hard money. So u pay 10 plus tax which would be the same price if u would hv bought it later without cpn. So your coupon and survey effort were wasted away.the price on sale is 10 plus tax and thats what u paid.simple mathematics.not trying to go against what u say but look at the calculations again.

  21. Kathy says

    Does anyone know how much discount there is on PINK clothing during the semi annual sale. My daughter is just begging me for clothes from there but they are all so expensive. Also does anyone know the dates for the January 2015 semi annual sale?

  22. Kimberly says

    I had been shopping the semi-annual sale for the first time this past week. I have been to three different stores. I still have my items with tags and receipts. I spent probably about $400 between the three stores (worth it) as I will only shop there for the sales for clothing. I’m an angel card holder, and usually only shop for the body scents. Anyhow, as far as price adjustments go… I guess how does it go? At my stores it was $16.99 and up bras, $3.99 up panties. I bought a lot over these prices as I am a DDD cup. How will I know if they go lower? Is a way to check without going into the store. I asked the associate in my store about price adjustments and she confirmed the “within 14 days” rule- and was quite pleasant about it. Thanks in advance!

    • ValG says

      Hi! I too spent over $600 at victorias this week. I found out the bras had 25% off the already reduced price because I got an email from VS yesterday. So i called the store to make sure and they said bras were reduced and all panties were $4.99 as well. I got a price adjustment on 3 receipts so ended up with about $100 in my pocket. It was great and I thank the person with this wonderful VS blog! If it weren’t for her I probably would’ve never gone back to the store for price adjustments since I bought so many items and I thought it would be impossible! So thanks Tiffany! The pj’s that I bought were still the original sale price and did not have any additional markdowns so I did not get money back for those :/

  23. Shauna says

    I went to VS this past Friday and purchased a bra for $39.99, How will I know if they will mark down the price of this bra ?

    • ValG says

      They just marked them down yesterday. I actually got an email since I subscribe to VS emails. Bras are now an extra 25% off the sale price! Hope this helps! Panties were all $4.99 as well at my store and all cosmetic, beauty, etc items were 75% off.

  24. Kay says

    Hi all. I talked to my VS rep today and she said they will not be marking anything down this sale. She said the sale ends the 11th and they will be taking what is left and using it in the summer sale as well. Any one else’s store doing that?

  25. ValG says

    Hi! Thanks to the person who started this blog, I now got am extra $100 bucks to my name thanks to all the price adjustments on my purchases this past week. That being said, I bought several (very expensive! ) pj sets amd those were not marked down as of yesterday so I was not able to get any price adjustments on that. Anyone know if I can bring the receipt back at a later date and get those items price adjusted as well if they do get marked down? All other items on my receipts were price adjusted already, just not the sleepwear, but that was the most expensive stuff as well so would be nice to get some money back if they do get reduced! If not, can I return and repurchase them at the sale price?

  26. olivia says

    Hello there! I have purchased so many items over this past week, and currently the clearance in Vancouver, BC is at an extra 40% off. Does anyone think it will go lower? I am a little hesitant to wait, because I do not want the sale to end suddenly without doing my price adjustment first.

  27. Sun Chick says

    Just noticed a store sign in Tx that limited your returns/price adjustments to 7 transactions per 90 days.
    I always buy pieces of sets them return the ones that I ones couldn’t find the match.
    Anyone else run into this problem?

    • Shay says

      I am wondering the same thing, Mermer. The good thing is that it starts in stores on a weekday so a lot of people will be working. I am lucky in that I have a flexible schedule but I am guessing it will still be fairly crazy.

  28. Alyssa says

    I know these comments were posted a long time ago but I have also worled at Victoria’s Secret and the comment by the girl who claimed returning an item after already getting it for a sale price is ridiculous lol lets face it, the store is extremely pricey and if you can get an item for cheaper then you defiantly should considering the economy is horrible and the company should be happy that consumers still shop there considering their prices are very high. The whole reason they do the sale is to obviously get rid of extra inventory but also to reward consumers for shopping at their store!!!! Return away ladies and absolutely go for the 14 day price adjustment!!!! I have never had a problem returning an item for a customer and most employees do not!!!!

  29. Alex says

    Hi I was wondering it I was able to get the price adjustment of i used a gift card to purchase the items.

    • Daniela says

      Yea I was told that too! This SAS sucks to be honest! None of the stores near me hAve gone down! Not even an additionally 25%

      • Sandra says

        The swimwear has gone an additional 25% now in case your wondering.

        I am wondering something, if I do the price adjustment after the sale has ended does that mean the items are back to original price?

      • gina says

        Agree 100% I had never done the SAS before, but the gal that worked there told me about price adjustments. She told me i should buy whatever i wanted before they ran out, then i could do the price adjustment and save alot of cash. Yea prices never dropped


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