How to make a DIY American Girl Doll Bed from an old End Table!

DIY American Girl Doll Bed

I posted last month about a little project I had going… How to make a DIY American Girl Doll Bed from an old End Table! Most of you guessed what I was up to and I wanted to show you the finished product!

First you will need an old end table. The fancier and more gaudy the better! You want some FLAIR! I looked on Craigslist mostly and even drove to a few used furniture stores, but I ended up getting mine from a reader!

Second, sand it up a bit lightly with fine sandpaper. Wipe it down really good when you are done. Make sure to have the kids help!

Next I went to my Home Depot and looked to see what they had as far as discounted paint that was returned or messed up. I found some cream for only $4.

I gave my table a few coats over the next few nights.

Taking some brown acrylic paint that I watered down, I filled in the creases of the bed and wiped them off. Giving it an antique look.

Using some thin plywood board we had, I cut out a “headboard” and added some decorative trim to the top. I painted this and antiqued it, and nailed it to the back.

I added ball feet to the top of the table, this will now be the bottom of the bed. I had a lot of choices with the ball feet at my home improvement store. There were some very expensive and inexpensive ball feet to pick from, and I went with about $4 each, this was my biggest expense at $16.

I added “slats” which were the big paint stirs (free) from my Lowe’s over the open space, so that the little mattress I made would not fall in. The nails went through to the other side and would have prevented the drawer from going and to I had to hammer the ends over.

The ends of the legs were bare and I wanted them fancier, so I found some finials in the same section as the ball feet, and spent about $2 each on them. I think this made a fancier touch!

I changed out the knob handle to something a little fancier and prettier, there are so many choices! This drawer, put in upside down from the way it was as an end table works perfectly as a storage drawer for the doll’s clothing!

Total cost of this project, about $40!

DIY american girl doll bed 2 end table


  1. Tonia says

    How in the world do you find time to do this? You seriously have always been my hero for all the stuff you get done and do!

  2. says

    Ok, I already heart your blog but now… I’m over the top hearting it! LOL My little girl would love this! Going to start scouring the yardsales and craigslist now. PS Just went to San Antonio last week and used your website as a resource for visiting S.A. and especially Seaworld! Thanks so much for all you post and all the info you have available!!!!!!!

    • Tiffany says

      You are so sweet! This was so much fun for ME! The girls LOVED it as well… now I am looking for a way to make bunk beds…

  3. Kristi says

    Such a cool idea! Looks amazing :) one question: what did you use to cut out the headboard? I think my MIL is interested in making this for one of her granddaughters 😉

    • Tiffany says

      You would die. It was pathetic, I used a skill saw and just about hacked it out. If someone actually had some tools you could make it look really nice.

      • Terry says

        A coping saw might have worked better but it would have taken a little longer or else maybe using a very fine tooth blade in the jig saw would have made the cut easier. Gotta say, the bed turned out absolutely gorgeous!

        Love, mom

  4. Ambrosia says

    How am I JUST now seeing this?! I love how this turned out! So pretty – and such a great use for a piece that was just taking up room before.


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