What to do when your catalina coupon does not print.


There is nothing more frustrating than doing a deal and your Catalina does not print. When this happens there are a few things that you can do.

First before you expect it to print check and see if you can see the little light on to make sure they even have it on. You can even ask the cashier if they know if it has paper in it. This will avoid the “out of paper” or “it wasn’t turned on” problem.

If a catalina doesn’t print I always double check if possible, to make sure I was supposed to get one. If they don’t know or are less than helpful, make a choice to either return the order completely (get your coupons back) or you can contact Catalina directly.

Catalina can be reached at 888-826-8766 and press 3. Or you can email them at coupon@catalinamarketing.com. Be prepared to give the following information:

  • your name & mailing address
  • store name and address
  • the date/time of your shopping trip
  • the Catalina offer you expected to receive.

If emailing, you should expect a response within 2 to 3 business days. They can look up the transaction by receipt and clubcard number. I have found the folks at Catalina to be really helpful, last time I had a problem the store was offline and they mailed me my Catalinas.

What is a Catalina? Catalina Category Marketing (CCM) rewards purchases of promoted products with “catalinas”, also known as “check-out coupons”. These offer incentives good on your next shopping trip to that retailer. There is usually a 4-week window on any given program/incentive promotion.


  1. Christine says

    None of my cereal catalinas printed at Randall’s last week, and the manager just had the cashier take the amount off of my 2nd transaction (it was $6 taken off).

  2. Denise says

    My $10.00 from Walgreens did not print tonight. I waited till after midnight and drove 30 minutes so I could get 10 boxes of those Velvetta shells. If I thought the product would still be there I would returned everything but I don’t have much luck with Walgreens stocking sale items. Thanks for posting this Tiffany. I have a call in to them now

  3. Jo Bell says

    I had that happen to me from Rite Aid. I contacted Catalina online and they wrote asking me for my receipt information and I received the catalina coupon within a week. They are very nice and I had no problems with them.

  4. Anonymous says

    I have had this happen at Giant Eagle MANY times. I always make sure I have them before I leave. If not, I go to customer service and they just give me the cash or a gift card. They do ask what register I checked out at, so I make a mental note of the the number I went to.

  5. Tina says

    I tried the Huggies deal a couple weeks ago at Kroger and it only printed my catalina for spending 40.00 is baby products and not the one for spending 30.00 in huggies. I told them I was suppose to get 2 and the manager came and said well if it doesn’t have a sign for the Huggies one then you don’t get one. It was frustrating and I just took my one and left

  6. Kathy says

    It must be really difficult to replace the paper in the Catalina machines. I’m pretty sure no one in the Alvin Kroger knows how.

  7. Sarah says

    I didn’t get my catalina for the Lysol wipes. I couldn’t verify that I was supposed to get them until I got home. Should I go back to Kroger and talk to a manager first, or should I just contact Catalina first?

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