How to get started couponing. 3 Small Steps to get Started.

I will have an entire series next week about personally what I did to get started. There are so many different ways and methods, this is just what worked for me.

A few things that you can do and start thinking about are the following:

  1. Make a list of your favorite recipes. We all have about 12 main recipes that we use monthly for our families. You can print off a sheet HERE to help you. They are free and it is one that I made.
  2. Next, write down all the ingredients for those recipes. You are going to want to start looking for coupons for each ingredient. This might take writing the manufacturer and checking the Sunday papers.
  3. Start keeping a list of the prices you see these items. Within a 3 month period of time it will go on sale. For example, the spaghetti sauce I like might be $1.69 this week. Then next I notice it is $1.29, then $1.59. Then my store might offer a 10 for $10 sale and it is $1.00. Because I have been watching the prices I know that this is the lowest price I am going to find it at the store. NOW I am going to want to combine that price with a coupon to get my “buy it now” price. I am going to buy as many as I can at this price. So that I do not have to buy spaghetti sauce again until it is this price again!

Here are some FREE printable sheets to help you that I created:


  1. robin says

    Hi Tiffany! Thanks for the helpful info! I went to checkout your binder pages and a page comes up in a different language. HELP! I can’t read what to do :)

  2. says

    awesome! i just wanted to say you and your family are great. i really enjoyed your segment on TLC. Im not going to lie–the first lady put me off a little, I didnt know exactly why…because im not usually in the business of judging people. did you read this article? i just saw it. i hope its not true, but it seems likely–i know you’re not like this, i really love your site and appreciate all the hardwork you put in to help us, and your family. i just hope all “couponers” dont get a bad rap because when done right it is so much fun! :) thanks for these sheets, im going to be sending this to lots of ladies in my ward that are looking to start couponing.
    Article: Coupon Fraud during J’aime’s checkout

  3. says

    ok people- the Fiber One is NOT coupon fraud lol… i have that coupon- theres are almost 10 different brands u can choose from under Fiber One including Cheerios.

    Which reminds me- time to use that coupon!

    Please check your coupons !!

  4. Shirley says

    Hi Tiffany!
    It’s so funny that I’m watching your episode of extreme couponing when I decided to get started myself. So I google “how do I get started” and the first site I click on is yours. I think I can learn a lot from you and promise to be a good student.

  5. kathy dingess says

    I watch the extreme couponing program , and I get ready to get started but I don’t see anyone on there say , go in a buy a weeks worth of actual groceries, just like hundreds of certain items, I need to know how to realistically coupon to buy groceries I am raising five grandchildren, I would love to have a stock pile and all of that but right now we are getting by on a small amount of assistance and one paycheck,, please advise me here, I don’t even know if you can use coupons on gov, benefits,, I am embarrassed to even ask, I want to raise these kids and give them as much as possible , and I do believe that couponing could help with that,,,thank you kathy

    • Tiffany says

      You are in the right place! Just start following along. Yes you can use coupons with food stamps.

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