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*QUICK* Save $.50 on Oreos!

Wow! QUICKLY print a coupon for $.50/1 Oreo 10.5 or larger! I found this one under zip code 77477. If you are not sure how to change the zip code you can watch my video HERE.

I would personally use this coupon at a store that doubles, like Randalls in my area.

You are going to find the price per pack of Oreos to be around $2.99 a bag. My “buy” price for Oreos is $2, so this coupon will get me there at Randalls!

These are as INSANE as they look! Make them for your family and be a ROCK STAR! These are so easy you are not going to believe it! See my Oreo Brownies Post HERE

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  1. cat says

    this Oreo cookies coupon can I redeem at any store. because it say redeemable at walmart do i have redeem it only at walmart only


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