Find a Scholastic Warehouse Sale near you, save 25-80%! + print a coupon + Work there for free books!

** This is a follow up… I was at my warehouse sale today and forgot to mention that you can volunteer to work there. They “pay” you $20 an hour in books. You do not get the book at 50% off but for the value on the back of the book, so regular price.

A few years ago I was really stressed how I was going to get my kids Christmas presents. I volunteered and worked my sale for 1 day and traded babysitting with a friend. I had $120 in free books. They have stocking stuffers, cookbooks, kids books and toys to choose from. I was able to get what I needed to make it a great Christmas morning. The sale ends on December 17th in Houston. But they are taking people to work on the 19th, 20th and possibly the 21st. If you are interested you can call 1-877-714-8292 and set up a time to come in and help!

I have been going to the Scholastic warehouse sales for years, since I home schooled our oldest son. They have them about 2x a year, one in December and one in the spring. Imagine a HUGE warehouse FULL of books, all the ones that you see in your kids Scholastic order books from school, but EVERYTHING is 50% off or more!

I go TOTALLY nuts in there! I need supervision!

They are having one coming up in Houston, but they have them all over the country. A while ago you had to be a teacher, home school parent, school volunteer to shop there, although I have never had them ask. But I think we all fit some form of those no matter what! Plus, if you sign up for the fast cart pass you will get a $25 off $100 purchase coupon.

This is something that I would not miss. Find a sitter, take the time to drive in and grab some really good books at really discounted prices! Go HERE to find one in your area. 


  1. Magan Campbell says

    Also if you volunteer to help with the warehouse sale they give you a voucher for $20 hr but the catch is you have to pay retail price with the voucher. But they have a section that you fill up a box for $25 and you can use your voucher for that as well as everthing else. This year they have toys 50% off also.

  2. Nickie F says

    This is so cool! Thank you. So, it really shouldn’t matter if you aren’t a teacher or homeschool parent?? I loved Scholastic books and I know my daughter will love them too!

  3. Jonie says

    I am so happy to have found this, my kids LOVE to read. Thanks Tiffany! I just have a couple questions before I drive an hour to the closest one. Does anyone know how big the box is for the build-a-box? The location that I plan on going to is a Build-a-box location, but it isn’t a scholastic warehouse. Is the inventory at these smaller locations as good as the main warehouses? I’m just trying to find out if it’s worth the drive. Thanks for any help:)

    • Tiffany says

      I dont know for sure as I have been only been to mine. The box for me was about the size of a paper box for reams of paper.

  4. Shannon says

    That is fantastic to know! My daughter always loves to get books from school so it would be nice to be stocked up. Thanks so much for sharing that!

  5. Jennifer says

    I went to one of the smaller sites. The box to fill would fit about 4-5 reams of paper. But the selection of books at mine was limited for filling the box. I planned on filling mine up with chapter books for an elementary school boy and couldn’t find enough to make it worthwhile. The volunteers were really great on helping people try to fill it up with as many items as possible (even sending shoppers back for one more book).
    At the sale I attended most of the items were 50% off.
    Thank you so much Tiffany for posting this, I had never heard about it even though I volunteer at my school’s book sale.

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