Walmart: Millionaire Monopoly Only $4.88!

QUICK! Head on over to your Walmart and grab a Monopoly Millionaire, they are ringing up as $9.88! Print this coupon $5.00 off one MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRE Game and get the game for only $4.88! Thanks I Heart The Mart!

Buy Monopoly Millionaire $9.88
Use $5.00 off one MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRE Game
Total: $4.88



  1. Shelley says

    I was just at Walmart. There are 2 different Monopoly Millionaire packs – same game, different packaging. The one in the picture, with the small yellow sticker in the middle, rings up $9.88. The other, with a big $5 McDonald’s arch card offer in the bottom corner, rings up $14.86.

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