Walmart: Layaway is back for Christmas!

If you are interested in Layaway at Walmart for Christmas items they are bringing that back this year! Starting on October 17th (excluding Black Friday items) you can use layaway at Walmart, there is a $5 fee and each item needs to be at least $15.

Thanks I Heart The Mart!

Here are the details:
Christmas Layaway Is Easy at Walmart Stores
The convenience of Christmas Layaway is now available on eligible toys and electronics that you purchase at your nearby Walmart store. It’s easy to take advantage of Christmas Layaway from Oct. 17 until you make your final payment and pick up your items by December 16, 2011. Just place your eligible items on layaway at the desk in your local store, where you will also pick up the items. Each item must be $15 or more and your total purchase must be over $50. There is a $5 service charge, and you can make payments on your Christmas Layaway items at any register in your Walmart store. Christmas Layaway is not offered on Friday, November 25, 2011 and is not offered on wireless phones that require contracts. Cancellation and service fees may vary by state and are non-refundable. Our store associates can provide you with complete details on these fees and any other restrictions that may apply. So get ready for the holidays with the convenience of Christmas Layaway at Walmart stores.



  1. Amanda says

    Question: Can you use coupons on layaway items? EX: if we put things in layaway, and then get a coupon for one of those items, can i go use my coupon and get that particular item out of layaway?

  2. LeeAnne says

    well thats a jip, i would want to put all my christmas items in layaway and pick up at one time not just the ones over $15.00.

  3. Lloyd&Yvette Chambers says

    Thanks I hope you let who ever was in charge of doing this god bless them christmas will be a lot happier in many homes.

  4. says

    This will be helpful this Christmas. Some of us are still using unemployment checks (weekly) and my Mr. has his min. wage job to help us get by during this season. I hope something turns around soon or Christmas 2012, just may not happen.

  5. Mallorie says

    That is so amazing, I was going crazy thinking about what to get my son for christmas, cause I’m a newly single mom and was scared I wasnt going to be able to make it happen !!

  6. Heather says

    This is so great, my husband and I have an almost nine month old daughter, and money has been so tight, we haven’t even started her Christmas shopping yet. This is going to make it possible for us to give her the Christmas she deserves!:)

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