Walmart Layaway 2013 Starts Today!

Walmart Layaway 2013

Walmart Layaway 2013 Starts today September 13th! There are just a few changes this year, but they are good ones! There is no fee this year, which has changed from last year.

You can check out more information HERE

Walmart Layaway 2013

Let’s say you see something you’d really like to buy. Maybe it’s a hot new product that’s selling out fast wherever it appears. Or maybe it’s just the thing you’ve always wanted at a price that’s too good to pass up. But let’s also say that, for whatever reason, now is not a great time for you to make the purchase.

That’s where the Walmart Layaway plan comes in. The Walmart Layaway plan lets you set aside the items you want at their current price and then pay for them over time in installments that work for your budget. All you need to do is open a layaway account and make a down payment of either $10 or 10% of the item price, whichever is greater. (Learn more about the Walmart Layaway plan above.) Then you just pay as you go and before you know it,┬ávoila!, your new purchase is yours to take home.

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