Walmart: Hormel Cure 81 Ham only $2.68 a pound!

How about Hormel Ham for dinner? I posted earlier about the new coupon and that I use it for breakfast casserole. Looks like you can get it even cheaper than I thought at Walmart right now! $1.00 off HORMEL CURE 81 Boneless Ham

My Walmart has this for $3.78 Lb for the Brown Sugar and $3.68 Lb for the Classic. 
Use $1.00 off HORMEL CURE 81 Boneless Ham
Total: $2.78 a pound!


  1. Pat says

    You can tell Labor Day is right around the corner! Great coupons for the holiday. This ham is delicious as you know. I cut it into several slice chunks and freeze each one. This is also great for adding to homemade macacroni and cheese. Makes it a meal. Not a healthy one, but delicious when you just have to have some mac and cheese. Everyone, sign up at Hormel and they normally have the exact same coupons and you can score these again. My favorite is the always tender pork roll. So many uses or just put on some yummy rub and rotisserie it on the BQ.

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