How to Price Match at Walmart

I posted below about a price matching trip reader Holly had to Walmart. Some of you are not familiar with price matching and it is really very easy and saves you a TON of money!

Paul did this video almost 2 years ago, and nothing had changed but that you CAN price match a BOGO price as long as they have a price to start with. For example if it says Buy One Get One free (save up to $2.99) they will price match it to the $2.99 for both.

Print the Walmart Price Match Policy and carry it with you.

Each week, Paul over at I Heart The Mart walks the stores and finds the TOP 10 price match deals from about 10 different grocery stores plus CVS and Walgreens and makes a list of the best things to price match. The grocery store deals are posted on Wednesday and the Drug Stores are posted on Sunday. I would direct you to them BUT I Heart The Mart is getting a facelift this weekend and you can only go to the front page for a few hours today. By tonight you should be able to get to all the pages.

When you are there, just look for your grocery store in the drop down menu where it says “Grocery Store”

Or like the bigger picture above you can choose, Target, Kmart and the Drug stores by clicking their logo. I love to price match, it saves me time and gas money if I can get everything I need in one spot!!


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