*FREE* Jif Hazelnut Spread! – Walmart!

Holy Smokes, my heart skipped a beat! :) Keep your eye out for this at your Walmart. Print the $1.00 off any Jif Hazelnut Spread will make this incredibly awesome spread FREE with this coupon. Reader KT Rose found them    in the school geared aisle with the other Jif spreads and back to school foods! Thanks IHTM Reader KT Rose!

Jif Hazelnut Spread- $1.00 (reg $3.94)
$1.00 off any Jif Hazelnut Spread
Total: FREE!!!!
$1.00 off any Jif Hazelnut Spread


  1. K says

    I LOVE Nutella and I missed this deal at Target last week, so I literally hopped up and went to Wal Mart as soon as I read this. It was regular price at my WM :( There’s no BTS snack aisle at the WM I go to, but I checked the clearance aisle and I priced scanned the ones that were in their regular location and they came up regular price. Just an FYI this is a YMMV deal, but I am going to check back every day and I’ll post if I see them on sale.

    It wasn’t all for nothing, I picked up 6 packages BIC razors and got .32 overage on each one and used it to get 2 boxes of duncan hines brownies w/ the .55/1 Q and an All You magazine with a .50/1 Q all for $1! The associate was willing to give me a GC for my overage, but I have been wanting to check out All You anyway before buying a subscription.

  2. Andrea says

    Just checked two days ago at our Wal-mart and they weren’t on sale. :-( Will check back later in the week because I REALLY want to try these!

  3. Kaylyn says

    What zip code will get me to the jif hazelnut pb coupon? i can’t find it. Please help! This sounds delicious!


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