Food Fair: Yo Crunch as low as $.08 each!

If you live near a Food Fair, they have the Yo Crunch on sale for 3/$1 this week! There are quite a few coupons that you can use to make this even a better deal! Thanks Amy J.

Buy Yo Crunch $.33 each 
Use $0.65/4 YoCrunch Yogurt Cups Granola, Candy/Cookie Crunch or Parfait printable
Or use $1/4 YoCrunch Cookie & Candy or Granola Cups printable
Total: As low as $.08 each!

** Your Walmart might price match Food Fairs price! Can’t hurt to ask!


  1. Layla says

    I am nervous to price match because I never have before. Why do you say they might? Is it because it is an ad I printed off my computer and not one in the newspaper or mail? Do I need to go to customer service to price match or just a regular register?

    • Tiffany says

      Walmarts all price match different stores in their area. They might not if they dont consider it a competitor. No you can just price match at the register.Make sure you do it as they are ringing up that item. Just say, “I want to price match this item_____ to ______ for ______” and that is it!

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