Video: How I Organize My Coupons

This is a video about how I organize my coupons. I use the binder method. Meaning… I organize them in a zippered binder. This is the one that I use HERE. I use baseball card holders that I “borrowed” from my son. They were his Pokeman card holders but he got too old for those and was throwing them out.

I cut my coupons out and slide them in the baseball card slots, some coupons I have to fold a little, I like to leave the picture facing forward so I can see what I have. This also makes it easy for me to pull out the expired coupons.

When I go to the store I set my binder in the child seat in front of me in the cart. As I walk down each aisle I am able to flip right to that section to see what coupons I have that match up with the item I am looking to buy. I divide my pages into sections according to the aisle’s you might find in the store. Like, baking, deli, cereal, etc. I also divide a second section according to things you might find in a drug store.

You can print off FREE binder divider sheets HERE. It is a large file to download, but they are REALLY cute.. if I do say so myself!


  1. Jill says

    I took your couponing class and learned so much! Would you ever have a binder making class? It would be awesome to have everything in one place and do it with a group. You could charge a fee that would cover supplies and your time.

  2. Maddy says

    Nice video. I was wondering what you call the black divider that’s in the front of your binder? Where you put your peelies coupons? Where did you buy it? thanks

    • Tiffany says

      It is really quick because I put them in the card holder and so as I add new ones if I notice any I pull them out.

  3. Ines says

    Hi Tiffany, can you recommend a binder that last’s for more than 6 months? Mine don’t close after a while and the baseball card holders slide out and everything falls on the floor. It always happens in the store…..and is so anoying.

    • Tiffany says

      I bought one at Office Depot and bought the $3 insurance on it…. that way if anything happens to the zipper, which it has, I just go in and get a new binder.

  4. Lacey says

    Did you pay $28 for your binder or will it go on sale or a cheaper place to find it? Trying to save every bit I can! :)

  5. Ariane says

    I noticed that the Case-It binders are regular priced (Staples) for 19.99. I am going to get one this week! I thought that was cheap. They have all sorts of colors as well.

  6. Melissa says

    OK, I feel really dumb now! I have used a binder for about a year, but never could figure out how to “balance” it in the baby seat of the cart – DUH! Turn it sideways!! Guess I’m a visual person and needed someone to show me how to use it. So that’s my “learn something new each day” tip for today. LOL

    Question: where did you find tabs that stick out past the edge of the baseball card sheets? Any idea of a brand or product number? I desperately need dividers but haven’t found any that are wide enough.

    THANKS for all you do – you just never know when the smallest tip will spark for someone! 😀

  7. marissa says

    Do you have a problem with the binder opening? I have the case-it binder and the one side pops open all the time and my coupons and card holders fall all over the price. It happens often when I am at the store. So frustrating. I may buy a new one, but they are pretty pricey. I also got mine at Office Max last year with the school clearance for $15 I think.

  8. Brittni says

    How do you find time to actually clip the coupons? I use to but it took me forever! So I resorted to the insert organizing. It saves me tons of time, but if i have to clip a coupon in the middle of an aisle, its a total pain!

  9. Joel says

    i have had binders break down on me several times and then i went on trip with my family and saw that my brother had a cd case that looked like a briefcase it had aluminum corners and tuff binder sheets in side i asked him where had bought and he told me wal-mart but it cost $30 and the smaller cd one was about half that


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