How to do a “short” haircut – Save yourself some money!

One of the ways that you can really save some money at home is to give your family haircuts. This might seem a little scary, but the more you practice the better you will get. Plus, if you start when they are little by the time they are bigger and care more you will be awesome at it! :)

I figure that I save $300 alone by cutting the 3 men in the houses’ hair each year. If not more!

Thankfully my girls have a little longer hair and so I don’t have to do theirs as much. When I was 17 I left home and went to live with my Grandmother to go to school to do hair. I knew that I had wanted to do this for a long time. I have aunts that do hair and always loved to be in the salon with them. I am also a “planner” and knew that I wanted a good job while I was in college that was flexible and where I could make more money than selling frozen yogurt ( like I was currently doing) . It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Not only did I get the chance of a lifetime by living with my Grandma and getting to know her, but I learned a skill that I will have forever! One that will save me $1,000’a and $1,000’s of dollars!

This is a short 2 part series on how to do a “short” haircut. My photographer is 11 so cut her a little slack :) My model was also running a fever and I wanted to toss him in the bath but he has needed a haircut for a while, so I figured it was as good a time as any!

If you are going to take them in anyway for a haircut you might as well practice first. I can’t hurt… you mess it up, either “buzz” it, or take them in and have someone fix it :) I saw enough of those when I was working in a salon, and always helped show the parents what to do next time.

Part 2

If you can spend about $40, you can get a good pair of scissors. I recommend Sally Beauty Supply (get 15% off with coupon code 555943) because most everyone will have one if you have any questions they can answer. Amazon has a GREAT deal today on a set too.

You can pick up this 30 piece set for only $39.99 (was $59.99) and get free shipping. This is a good one because you get the little clippers for the neck as well as the big ones with all the attachments. Plus scissors and I see a flat top comb. Go HERE to take a look. 

If you have any questions leave a comment, if you live by me and messed up your kids hair I might be able to help… if you messed up your husbands before a big meeting I FOR SURE will help :) Just kidding, you got this! Give it a try, you will do great!


  1. nicole says

    I am so happy you posted this, it’s almost like you read my mind, my husband and I just had this discussion the other day as we have have him and 4 boys ( 3 of whom are haircut age) and the once a month hair cuts add up at $10 a pop (if I don’t have a coupon) plus tip ….I will definetly be investing in a good kit and doing them myself from now on. Thanks again!

  2. Nikki E says

    what tips do you have for keeping toddlers still and not freaking out during the haircutting process? My 4 year old is finally ‘tamed’ but it takes a lot of candy. My 2.5 year old……we might as well just buzz everytime because he literally freaks out. Maybe cough medicine will help that child. I don’t know.

  3. beth says

    I’ve had three different kits over the past 15 years I’ve been cutting my boys hair (and husband’s). I got each of them for a steal at TJ Maxx. They’re almost always available there in the men’s section. Mine cost about $15-$18 for a set and have lasted approximately 5 years each. What a deal! My husband’s hair it thinning and it’s really just a matter of cleaning up the neck area and a quick buzz. My boys have beautiful thick hair that takes a little longer, but it’s so easy. Maybe once a year I’ll take them to a salon when I have a coupon to get a shaping done, but that’s about it. Huge savings:)

    Oh, I also do my mom’s dog inbetween visits to the groomer. She bought a regular kit at TJ Maxx and it saves her the $50 groomer bill every other visit. I’m sure I’m not quite as good as a groomer, but it works!

  4. Terry says

    When I started cutting my son’s hair I found out he was a real squirmer so much so that I nicked his ear and made it bleed on several occasions. So each time I cut his hair I promised him an ice cream cone IF I accidently nicked him. Only then would he sit for me. He survived childhood. These tutorials would have been perfect back then, loved them.


  5. Sherri says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I recently just brought the Wahl kit you posted above around Christmas time at Target and really like it. I decided I was going to try and cut my son’s hair at home, eventhough I have no idea what I was doing. Awesome job explaining everything. Thanks again for great information like this. I really love your site not just for coupon match ups but great information and advice like this that still equals savings.

  6. lili says

    These tips will come in handy. Thanks for this posting. I have been cutting my son’s hair too for a while now and i am getting better but i still have trouble trimming little girls shoulder length hair. The length of the hair is not even all around.

  7. GingerB says

    ack! I decided to do one of my sons hair tonight.. it actually looks ok.. except for the blending part! I have a line..dh keeps calling it a bowl line.. sigh..
    they went off to scouts but i might try to fix it when they get home.

    loved your video though and i wouldnt have attempted it without watching it!

    • Tiffany says

      Ok, the line is the hardest. Pat yourself on the back, you did a good job trying! I wonder if you are afraid to take too much off? Just keep slowly “blending” it in more by taking off that “point” so take the short hairs at the bottom and the hair at the top and keep pulling it out vertical with his head and cutting it shorter.

      • GingerB says

        thank you! Im not sure what I did wrong.. but it doesnt look so bad now.. a week later 😉 Ill practice on one of my other sons soon :)

    • nikki e says

      my 12 year old had a “bowl” too. I am going to attempt another cut today (it has grown out) and try to blend the bowl better. That was my problem the first time too, I was afraid of taking too much off, hence the “bowl.” Will try again today!

  8. Janie says

    could you give advice for cutting a girl’s long hair? we’ve done our boys for years but the girls-long, straight hair, I have not attempted, and it seems it should be so easy!! I know- cut a straight line across, but how do you keep your cut going straight?
    -mom of 6, ages -16-down to 2

    • Tiffany says

      YES. I need to do that one next. YOu only make a few cuts. The more you cut and cut that is when you end up cutting too much!

  9. says

    Tried this on my wife while she was asleep figuring to save her at least $100. Can’t figure out why, but she didn’t like the idea too well when
    she woke up! Seriously, your idea is great really.

  10. Carolyn says

    Last spring I took my children to the barbershop where they each got a bad haircut, twice in a row. It was cut too short, too high and uneven. The barber had gelled their hair in a faux hawk, but after a shower it really showed how poor a haircut each got. There were steps in their hair. I said enough of paying a “pro” to do poor work. So I bought a good set of Wahl clippers after my boyfriend who cuts my hair (yes, I said he cuts my hair) agreed to help me give them haircuts. The firtst time I was nervous, but I started with a higher number attachment and worked my way lower to blend the hair on the back and sides. I took off the attachment and trimmed up the neck line and side burns as my boyfriend coached my technique. After that it was scissor over comb on the top. Net result was that they had a more professionally done haircut than they ever did in the barbershop. I figure not counting my time, but all other expenses involved, I am saving nearly $900 a year by being a mom who cuts her children’s hair as well as getting mine done at home. And the results are better than I ever got at the barbershop or the salon. If the so called “pros” hadn’t screwed up my hair and my children’s’ I probably would still be spending that money. So I think it was a blessing in disguise.

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