Red Plum inserts delivered to your door?!

How would you like to get the Red Plum delivered to your mail box every Wednesday? If you are interested in an extra insert, go HERE and fill out this form. It will take up to 6 weeks to get added in, but then you should be getting the Red Plum.


  1. Amber R. says

    I have a question. I get the Red Plum in the Denver Post but I live in Durango CO where the local paper does not have it. Will I still be able to get this?

  2. Nancy says

    There is Red Plum in our area every Tuesday which has restaurant and Auto care coupons in it. Is this the same or is this the one that comes with the Sunday paper with manufacturer’s coupons?

  3. Julie H says

    I somehow get this already in my mail but it doesn’t have the exact same coupons as in the RP on Sundays. Just an FYI. Most of the coupons are the same and in there, but not all. The Sunday one always has more.

  4. RuthAnn Alston says

    I’ve registered for this on multiple occassions and have never gotten a single one in the mail. I don’t know if we are out of the “area” or what, but I’ve never rec’d it.

    • Jan says

      Ditto for me. I’ve registered more times than I can count — never received it. I’m going to try again, just in case something has changed!

  5. Chi Fitzgerald says

    You will not get the same type of grocery coupons that you see in the coupon inserts in the Sunday newspaper. What you are requesting is the “junk mailer” that just about every postal address in the US receives now and that is why they tell you on the Redplum site that they have most addresses already, but if you submit a request they will check to make sure they have your address. I wish it was the grocery coupons, but the only way to get them is to get them from the Sunday newspaper insert. Of course some of the Redplum coupons, but not all, are available to be printed out from home from the Redplum coupon website:

    • Tiffany says

      Actually that is not true. This is for the Red Plum inserts that you get in the Sunday paper. I am sure that you might probably get both, but I get the actual Sunday Red Plum insert in the mail with all the coupons. Many cities that don’t have a Sunday paper anymore, this is the only way that any of the people get an insert. The only one they get is the Red Plum mailed to them.

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