Lands End: Clearance + Cash Back + Free Shipping +

**UPDATE: If you have any trouble with the coupon code at the bottom, try this one:  code FREESHIPAUG and pin 2311 for free shipping when you check out.

Lands End has started their summer clearance and they have these kids beach towels for only $3.49, they were $12. They also have a LOT of other towels and clearance, so you will need to just click through and look at what is interesting to you. Thanks A Frugal Chick!

Plus, if you have waited the school back packs and lunch boxes are also on sale. Most are 30% off and they have a good selection.

Ebates is offering 6% cash back, and if you are new to Ebates you will get a $10 gift card just for signing up!

This is what to do:

  • Go HERE and sign up, or sign in to Ebates.
  • In the serach type “Lands End” and look for this link.

  • Click “Shop Now” and you are on your way to Lands End.
  • To find the Beach Towels click on the sale “household” section or type “beach towel” in the search, you can also type “back packs” to find those.
  • At Checkout use coupon code PARENTSS11 PIN: 8445 for free shipping  (code will also give you $10 off $50 non clearance).

Let us know if you find any other good deals in the comments.


  1. Stef says

    I can’t find any place in the checkout process to enter the coupon code for free shipping! They still have the towels in stock though.

  2. Asia P. says

    OK, so I’ve tried a bunch of times and I still can’t get it to accept the free shipping promo code and pin.
    “PARENTS11 / 8445” – right?
    Not sure what I’m doing wrong! lol!
    But I’m definitely not paying $5.95 for shipping….HELP!! :)

  3. Asia P. says

    BTW –
    Under the clearance for boys – the summer ‘chino’ shorts are on a GREAT price – $6.98!
    And there are plenty of sizes (8 and up)!

  4. Asia P. says

    I had planned to do my annual run on tax-free weekend to the Gap Outlet (kids) on Friday. I’ve done really well on pants for my boys every year, and they hold up well to frequent washing and drying!
    However – I hit up this Lands End sale this morning and S-C-O-R-E-D!!!
    Generally speaking, my “buy price” for a quality pair of jeans or pants (boys) is $10 or less. I was able to stock up for the year on pants, jeans, and a few long-sleeved “polo” shirts for the entire year! Because of the free shipping code, this was an incredible deal!!
    Now I don’t have to spend the money on gas to drive out to the outlets OR deal with the crowds!! YAY!!!
    As usual – THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INFO!!!!!

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