*HOT* New $1/2 Post Cereal Coupon!

Hot New Cereal Coupon: $1/2 Post Cereal 15oz or Larger at Walmart. Finally another cereal coupon! They have been few and far between lately! I need to get stocked back up on cereal as it seems many of the snacks I make for the Holiday’s have cereal in them!

This week you can price match it to Walgreens! Post cereal is 2 for $5. My plan is to buy Grape Nuts at Walmart and price match them. This is a good price for the box and I wont be in Walgreens, but I will be in Walmart this week! I used zip code 77477 and looked under “food”.

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  1. Mary says

    I have a lot of cereal coupons. I have them divided by brand name and then by cereal type. For example, I have General Mills Lucky Charm cereal coupons that never expire. I have 32 coupons for 55 cents off of one box, 3 coupons for 50 cents off of one box, 2 coupons for 25 cents off of one box, 2 coupons for 30 cents off of one box, and 2 coupons for 35 cents off of one box. This is just for this cereal. I have so many coupons. These coupons have a bar code and are from when my kids were very young. they are all over 18 years old. I need to trade.Help!


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