Cinnamon Challenge – This is what happens when brothers babysit

I am not even sure how to possibly start this post. Ironically, I had just got done bragging about how brilliant, wonderful and caring my 14 year old has been lately, when I go to set my alarm on my phone and find this video.

See, for the past couple years, my sweet wonderful oldest child has been a bit of a pain in the a**. I am sure it is hormones etc. But he has been a beast to live with. All the eye rolling, walking away while I am talking to him and just in general being a early teenage boy. However the last few months he has almost been human again. Almost.

When I was a kid we tried to eat 6 saltines in 60 seconds and whistle. I had to Google Cinnamon Challenge to find out what they were doing. A person attempts to eat or swallow a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything. For $5 bucks?! Really?

The thing is, I am really not that surprised that the 14 year old would attempt to so this to his siblings, after all I am the oldest of 6 kids and the things I did to my siblings… well, they had better just not comment! But my daughter! Why did I expect better from her!!??

As I write this, my sweet, peacefully sleeping children are blissfully unaware that their parents have seen the video and are awaiting their awakening…. after all, that was $5 bucks in cinnamon they wasted! They better start looking for coupon to replace that :)


  1. Sierra says

    I should show you my family’s version. My brother got my stepsister, then me, then my dad. And we caught my dad on video! :)

  2. Ella says

    Heh… hehehehehe. I gotta say I laughed. He’s so adorable thru the whole thing, he’s not being mean spirited and they’re laughing. Kind of adorable and a little silly that he left it on your phone. Is it also floating around youtube?

  3. Alecia Branham says

    Atleast they were smart enough to do this in the bathroom. My children tried to hide and do this out in the car and there was cinnamon all over the car. Atleast it smelled good. LOL!

  4. melinda p says

    LOL I’m glad I basically only have one left in the house. I’m sure my older boys did things like this. They are 26, 24 & 19 and I’m still hearing about things they did to each other.

    #1 Get on your kids for letting the water run so long. #2 Your son was a little insistent that she drink the water in the cup. Wonder if he spiked it (had a brother who added vinegar to the kool-aid as a joke). # 3 for your entertainment you should make him eat a spoon of cinnamon

  5. Nikki E says

    they are also blissfully unaware you posted the video for all the world to see. too funny. I’m so trying this challenge in our own home.

  6. Peggy says

    Bwhahaha! She saw $ signs dancing in her head! Little do they know, until tried :), that cinnamon only tastes good on or in things. Alone makes you practically choke! Did you ask him how he knew this challenge was hard?? I bet someone’s lost some $ thinking they could do it – ha! Have to laugh at them but as a parent, I get it. Glad it wasn’t some overly dangerous dare though.

  7. Lg69.5 says

    I heard this is extremely dangerous and they said there was a school in the area that the kids were doing this and you can do serious harm to your body. Respiratory problems, copd, or death.
    Pretty scary

  8. Tonia says

    That is hysterical. Pretty good vid he did though, and way to tell her to spit in the sink and have a glass of water after!

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