This is the time to start saving for Christmas!

I want to write up a little bit about Swagbucks again today. I have been using them for almost 5 years now and they basically pay for 1/2 of my Christmas each year. I use them instead of Google when I am searching on the internet. Since I am on the internet a LOT, I win a lot of Swagbucks, that I then cash in for Amazon gift cards. I do this all year long and end up with about $300 to use at Christmas. Plus, they will give you 70 additional Swagbucks when you sign up and use coupon code MYLITTER70.

* The MYLITTER70 code is working again today!  See where it says “I have a signup code” that is where you enter the coupon code. 

I Christmas shop almost year round. If I find a KILLER deal on something that I just can’t pass up in June I will grab it and out it away for December. Starting about now, I really buckle down and start planning.

Last year we spent about $800 TOTAL on all 7 kids and the gifts my my husband and I gave each other. To me this doesn’t seem like very much for that amount of people. I also need to say that my kids got NICE gifts. I really hate cheap toys and toys that just take up space ( we don’t have much) so I prefer less toys and things and more quality.

Out of the $800, only about $350 was cash out of my pocket, the rest was from me cashing in Swagbucks as Amazon gift cards.

These are the things that I think about and pay attention to:

  • Make a plan. Know what and how many gifts you are buying.
  • Know who you are buying for.
  • Start cashing in Swagbucks and other Rewards. (some take a long time to get)
  • Set a budget and STICK to it.
  • Find a safe place to store gifts where the kids don’t find them.

It is easy when you start far out like this to overbuy! That is why you have to be disciplined, have a list and a budget. In the frenzy of other shoppers in December, panic can set in that you need to keep buying although you have thought you were done. I have felt this way so many times and try really hard to avoid places where I feel like I need to keep buying.


  1. Cynthia says

    This is OT but I ordered a second Sunday subscription through you last week. When should I start receiving the second subscription? I called the Chronicle on Sunday since I didn’t receiving it, and they said that they have no record of my second subscription!


    • Tiffany says

      It will be this weekend. The subscriptions that were taken at the classes they got theirs this past Sunday but the subscriptions that we had to call when they will start this coming Sunday. Sorry for any confusion.

  2. Amy says

    Hi, just want to give you heads up this week Fiesta has Oscar Mayer wieners all meat franks on sale for $0.89 , Kraft 12oz package American singles are $1.50 each & with the $0.55 off manufacturers coupon making them $0.95 each. That’s a great price.

  3. Rebecca says

    I just signed up with Swagbucks thru your link and it didn’t ask for a coupon code. I tried to enter it into the swag code but it says for newbies only. So I don’t know where I was suppose to enter it.

  4. says

    I start my Xmas shopping July 1st but only if the deals are too good to pass up. I’ve been an avid Swagbucks user forever. They help me save so much OOP money at Xmas!

  5. VB says

    I buy things that are on sale/clearance but I always follow up and keep an eye out for a better deal on an item. It’s going to be tougher to do with best buy since I think they shortened their return policy.

    I have a must buy list which are usually the big gifts. For the smaller gifts I am flexible. Last year a great deal came out for nintendo ds games on Amazon since I had a budget for small gifts/stocking stuffers instead of a list to stick to I was able to get great buys. But I learned from the previous year that just because there is a great deal on something doesn’t mean I should buy it. There was times I bought things early and the kids outgrew the toys/characters by the time I was giving it. So I try to keep that in mind when shopping in July.

    • Anonymous says

      You make a great point about kids outgrowing stuff. I also bought things that I *hoped they would like because I got it so cheap and it just ended up as clutter. I stick to buying more versatile gifts, things like body wash, fluffy socks, nice gloves when I see them on sale. After Christmas there was a kiosk at the mall selling cashmere scarves for $5! They probably aren’t the best quality, but they are lovely and will make for beautiful gifts this year. I wish I had bought more!

      I think there are plenty of deals closer to Christmas to knock out the big items, and the kids get what they want! I will say that my kids are 9 and 12, so kinda out of the tons of toys phase. (thankfully!)

  6. Jennifer says

    I try to do any gift card deals I see. That way I can either use them for gifts or give them as gifts. Save-a-lot had the $25 cards for $15 a few weeks back so everytime my husband and I would go near a SAL we would get one. I figured if I were able to get $1000 worth it would cost me $600. I didn’t get that much though. LoL

  7. Diane says

    I think I missed it! Does anyone know of another way to sign up and get a Swagbucks bonus? Or will this code be working again soon? I tried today and it said invaild. I’m new to Swagbucks so I’m not sure what I’m getting into or doing. :-)

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