Mega Swagbucks Day! What are Swagbucks?

:: Win MORE Swag TODAY! ::

Swagbucks is basically a search engine that rewards you with “swag” I win Swagbucks and use them to purchase Amazon gift cards to use to pay for my Christmas. Each year when I start in January, and cash them in by December I have about $400 to pay for my kids Christmas presents!

However, I just cashed in some Swagbucks to get a $50 Southwest Gift Card because we had to buy a ticket unplanned. That $50 really helped pay for the ticket. Although it means less Christmas money on Amazon, that is O.K. because the plane ticket was more important.

Fridays, are Mega Swagbucks Days. This just means that you have the chance to get more Swagbucks with your searches today! Here are a few tips to get more SWAG!

1. Play Swagbucks Games – Over HERE you can see what games they have that you can play, I don’t like playing games on the computer, but I get my kids to do it!

2. Swagbucks Fabebook – Follow Swagbucks on Facebook! There is so much information on here and great ideas of what works to get more bucks!

3. Swagbucks on Twitter – Follow them on Twitter! I am not a Twitter user… but I know that many of you are. You will get exclusive codes and there are weekly winners of 100 Swagbucks.

Go HERE to signup!

Go HERE to see last weeks 3 tips!

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