Food Storage and Stockpile Shelving!

** I am reposting this, as I am still getting a bunch of emails asking about my shelving!

If you saw the TLC show, you saw my shelving! I really love this stuff. It allows me to have a first in and first out system. Plus, it is really fun for the kids to put the cans away so I never have to do it! I have this big set in the game room and smaller sets in the pantry.

Every now and then I would venture the 30 miles away to Costco and drool over the rotating can shelving that they had there. But, I never felt like I could afford it. I always put it on my Christmas list.
Santa never brought me a set.
Someone talk to my husband about that please.
Then finally we decided it was worth the investment. I had sets of gorilla shelving everywhere with stacks of cans piled in and never a system to rotate or even know what I had. I would repeatedly buy more cans of things I didn’t need because I couldn’t see what I had.

Right now, the Pantry Cansolidator is on sale for 52% off, it is only $21.49. I have about 6 of these and can customize them to fit soda cans to tuns cans.

The large Harvest 72? is what I have for all my cans, it is that large free standing system. I have one that was a “scratch and dent” that I got a big discount on and the other was on sale. They are on sale this month for a little over $100 off.

On the website they also have a place where you can put in the dimensions of what area you need a shelf for and it will find one that fits for you.

Go HERE to take a look.
** To see and get the discounted price, create an account, then add the items to your cart and you will be getting a MUCH better discount!


  1. Keisha says

    You are a lifesaver!! I have been looking for these shelves (the smaller size for me) everywhere!! Thank you for posting!!

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