Spending Freeze ( Day 3 ) Eat in, Not out!

We love eating out. Well, most of the time… and while we are on a spending freeze, this is something that we are giving up. You can save so much money by not eating out.

One of my favorite things to do is to try and recreate a dish that I have had at a restaurant before. The fish tacos I made above was a recipe I tried to recreate from Rockfish restaurant.

The total cost for this meal to feed 6 (or more) is under $10 depending on how much your avocados are that day. I always use tilapia and buy lots when it is on sale and freeze it.

Your job today if you are doing the “spending freeze” is to eat in, like you are eating out! Make some of these fun “copy cat” recipes from some of the best restaurants. Check out more copy cat posts from Ruth

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  1. Whitney says

    When I read your first post about this spending freeze I wanted to give it a try but it’s been really hard cause just down the block from me is this place with REALLY good ice cream smoothies and I have really been wanting one! :)

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