Simple Mini Quiche Recipe

Simple Mini Quiche Recipe

I am a little obsessed with the mini pie crust treats lately. Today we are making a¬†Simple Mini Quiche Recipe.¬†Although, there really isn’t much of a recipe, because you can use just about anything you have on hand!

Mini Quiche Bites Recipe 2

I have posted my Mini Cherry Pies HERE and my easy Quiche recipe HERE.

This is a great way to clean out the fridge. I had mini pepperonis and so I am using those for 1/2 and the bacon bits for the other half.

First start by rolling out your pie crust and using a cup making circles to press into the muffin tin. You want a little bigger round then the tin opening.

Mini quiche recipe 3

Press them into the pans. 2 pre-made pie crusts made 18 little quiches for me.

Mini Quiche recipe 2

On the bottom I added some cheese and the meat. You can also add some veggies but remember that they wont have a lot of time to cook, so maybe things like tomatoes would be good.

Mini Quiche recipe 5

I did both bacon bits and pepperoni, but you could do sausage, and even hamburger.

Then in a bowl I mixed 1 egg and 1T heavy cream for each quiche I was filling. I only had 15 eggs and it still worked out for the 18 quiches I had, so that is an estimate at 1 – 1.

I added some salt and pepper and a little onion powder.

mini quiche recipe 4

I poured the egg mixture into the little crusts, leaving a little room for them to expand. I added some more cheese to the top.

I baked them at 350 for about 20 minutes. They puffed up and then fell back a little, which made them perfect! The kids DEVOURED them! HUGE hit!

mini quiche bites 4

I have made these before and when they were completely cool, put them in the large Ziploc bag and froze them. They come out perfectly and I just microwaved them to heat them up.

Perfect for a lunch or breakfast on the go.

mini quiche bites recipe 1


  1. Anonymous says

    Quick question-could you use milk instead of the cream? These look so good, too bad its eight million degrees out and I don’t want to put on the oven!


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