How to make White Chocolate Popcorn Recipe ( Peanut Butter & Pecan )

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On Sunday the girls and I experimented with making white chocolate popcorn. I am completely HOOKED! I have always loved the salty and sweet, but hated the cost of buying it. We needed a treat for one of my kids teachers and this was PERFECT! It was soooo easy and amazing I can’t believe we had not made it before!

First air pop some popcorn. I had to make 3 batches everyone kept eating it. You could probably use plain microwave popcorn but I have not tried it that way.

Then get some almond bark ( Walmart $2.98) or white chocolate chips and melt them either in the microwave or in a double boiler. When it is all melted pour it over the popped corn and stir it up.

Next while the white chocolate is still a little “wet” toss in some toppings! I used chopped pecans and Reeses Pieces on this one. IT WAS AWESOME! You could use ANY finely chopped candy, cookie or nut. Try Oreos, Butterfinger, Heath, etc. You get the idea.

Then pour it out onto a cookie sheet to cool and harden. When it is set up break it apart and store in an air tight container.

I had some really cute boxes I put ours in to give away, I added some whole pecans to make it even prettier for our friends.

This is a SIMPLE and EASY and CHEAP gift to give someone. Give it a try this year!

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  1. Leticia says

    Hi Tiffany,

    I have a quick question…i have the same popcorn popper as you do but i cant ever seem to get it right. I always have popcorn flying all over the place and sometimes even when i have a bowl full of popcorn there is always one that pops in the bucket and popcorn goes flying everywhere :) do you fill yours up the whole way or how many kernels do you put in there…Thanks

  2. Melissa says

    Another option on the White Chocolate Popcorn is to chop up Oreo cookies (or even the store brand type) and mix sprinkle it on top. Specialty shops have been known to charge up to $40/bag for oreo white choc. popcorn. We usually scrape off the icing between the cookie since the white choc. offers plenty of sweetness.

  3. Terry says

    I just have to comment on your photo at the top. I KNOW you took the picture because I recognize the countertop and the corner of the stovetop. That photo looks like it was taken from the cover of a magazine! The composition is perfect, the colors are absolutely wonderful and the fonts work so well with each other and the subject matter. Really, I thought it was a magazine cover but the countertop gave it away (to me, that is). I shouldn’t tell you this but food is one of the hardest things to photograph and make it look so delicious that people will want to drool over it. You have made the food so tempting that someone on a sugar-free diet would break down and eat the whole bowl. In the picture where you added the little one watching the popcorn pop adds the sweetness of human interest. It makes us smile. Which camera are you using now?
    Love, mom
    P.S. If you didn’t take the photo at the top then I will tell you that you found the perfect picture for your “story” including a perfect match for your counters. 😀

  4. Kristi S. says

    I made some like this around Christmas but added peppermints that we’d run through the food processor to the white chocolate. It’s impressive any of it made it out of the house!! LOL I’m definately trying different mix ins this time!

  5. Janet says

    I make this too except I add peanut butter to mine – and rice chex…..I sell it at a craft fair twice a year and it sells out before lunch every time. I noticed a few unpopped kernels in your picture ~ do you leave them in?? I have the hardest time making sure none get in the mixture.


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