*HOT* New Crescent Roll Coupon = Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings Recipe!

There is a NEW high value Pillsbury Crescent Roll coupon you can print, $1 off ANY size Pillsbury Crescent Roll.

Mountain Dew Apple Dumplings are so completely, INSANELY good, I just can’t even tell you! I have posted the recipe before, but because you might be cooking for guests in the next few weeks I wanted to give you some ideas of things to make you a rock star at dinner!

Plus there are always coupons for crescent rolls! 

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  1. motherofmanyalso says

    Just a heads up.. I have tried to print this coupon and it says that I have already printed it and I haven’t. Just FYI…

  2. Karen says

    I had the same issue as others stated above – site saying I had reached my limit when I had not even printed the cp. Now it says the program has ended. Pillsbury – I’m not happy with you :(

  3. Cara says

    I made your recipe and you’re right, it is insanely good! But, the bottom is pretty doughy; is it supposed to be that way? Also, what size is a small can of mountain dew? Thanks.

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