Funeral Potatoes Recipe – BEST side dish ever!

Funeral Potatoes. Probably my favorite side dish! These got their name from the fact that they are a really good side dish to bring to a function. I am guessing a lot of funerals!

Regardless, I really don’t care what they are called they are a FAVORITE here! Make them the night before to save time, even reheat them the next day and they are awesome!

** I do NOT cook my potatoes… I BUY a bag of hash brown potatoes FROZEN and add that instead! I use a 1lb bag!

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    • Diane M. says

      Dee, I live in Iowa and we still call this recipe Party Potatoes. My mom has made this dish since I was little(I’m 45 now!). Now the tradition has passed to me. It is “expected” I will show up with these yummy potatoes to all family gatherings. I don’t mind-they are easy to make and never any leftovers! We always use cream of chicken soup and the cubed frozen hash brown potatoes.

  1. Danielle M says

    I have used this same recipe but mine had cream of mushroom soup. Basically the same but wonder if it changes the taste at all. Will have to try it with cream of chicken. This is PERFECT if you are planning a big group party. We did this a few years ago for a church Christmas Party for over 200 people and made about 10x’s this recipe spread out into 4-5 large aluminum pans and it was the easiest thing EVER to go with Ham, salad, rolls, etc!

  2. Amy says

    We are having these tonight. Well maybe not the exact same recipe. We use cream of mushroom and we put them in the crock pot. We are having Easter dinner tonight! Ham, these potatoes and asparagus. Can’t wait!

  3. Tiffany says

    This is an uber popular dish in the Mormon culture. And, yes, it is perfect for feeding a crowd! Funeral potatoes, it’s LDS.


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