Easy Dill Sandwich Spread Recipe

We often have sandwiches for dinner. In order to make them a little more exciting I try different spreads and different breads. I made this simple dill sandwich spread the other night and my 15 year old declared his love for me and ate 2 sandwiches. I would say it was a hit!

Take a block of cream cheese, mayo, crushed garlic, dill and some cucumber if you have it.

Mix it all together and chill. This can be kept in the fridge for a few days and used when needed.

Next I rummaged through my fridge and grabbed all the cheese and meat I had. I used bread from the mark down section at my Kroger and a cucumber.

I have found that when I make a buffet line or spread it all out and let the family make their own sandwich it is much more appetizing to them and fun. They also add more veggies when I do this.

The cucumber is such a compliment to the dill spread it is a MUST on this sandwich! It was aHUGE hit at our house and so I hope you try it!

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  1. Delia says

    My coupon buddy and I just got FREE fresh dill at HeB yesterday woohoo!! I love that Fresh or Free guarantee its the business for real!!

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