Bunny Bait Easter Treats!

I needed something for the neighbors for Easter. Bunny Bait seemed just the right thing! Basically, you are taking “Funfetti” popcorn and making it pastel for Easter. Package it into cute bags and make a “Bunny Bait” tag and you are set!

The ingredients are something that you probably already have, pretzels, popcorn ( I just used the air popper, you can use microwave) rice Chex, M&M’s, sprinkles and white chocolate.

I also used some Avery 2×2 labels that I had already, they are number 22816.

I doubled the recipe and was able to get 50 bags out of it! The kids all have enough to hand out to teacher and the neighbors for Easter. This is such an easy, cute and yummy treat!


  1. Heather C. says

    I wanna be your neighbor! ;o) You’re always doin’ nice stuff!! Also, it’s nice to have a treat in hand when the children go over to the neighbor’s to retrieve the ball they kicked over the fence- LOL.

  2. Pam says

    Rice? You might want to alter your recipe to read Rice Chex. I was trying to figure out why you would use rice in your mix. Wondered if you were adding a secret hint of raw fiber in their diet? Cracked me up when I scrolled back up to your pictures.

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